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Celeb Factor Bumps The Gastric Band

Fern Briton started it.

If you want to know who Fern Briton is she is the cheery, likeable and dispossessed television personality who previously hosted a popular TV cookery program “Ready, Steady, Cook” here on UK television.

Two years ago Fern Briton chose to have a gastric band fitted. Today Fern is a size 16. Six sizes less than her previous weight. She stands a success of the operation working well.. With a reported increase of 74% it could be said that Fern’s success has helped private hospitals country wide.

The ‘Fern Effect’ is the name conjured up by the UK media

But should gastric banding surgerybe referred to in this way as if it were a fashion trend? Isn’t there a chance that the media is being too literal about a procedure that is/should normally taken as a drastic step by obesity sufferers? A more recent celebrity convert to gastric banding is Vannessa Feltz who has declared that is still putting on weight despite having gastric banding surgery. Is it taking things too far when Feltz tells the press that she has squeezed a cup cake past the gastric band?

If we wish to lose weight then surely we should learn to eat less? Summoning the willpower for a dietry regime would surely be be better? Where typically a size 10 model receive the airbrush treatment in Photoshop today’s size 14 celebrity resorts to gastric banding as a means of inducing rapid weight loss (and perhaps a bit of Photoshop) for the all powerful image of the celebrity dressed in a figure hugging dress on the red carpet.

Is gastric band surgery becoming a trend and should those that suffer from obesity really resort to obesity surgery before burdening the NHS with an over demand for the service?

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