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Cheating Your Hunger

As soon as you think about what you usually eat every day and then list it down, you may be unhappily surprised. You will see how much unhealthy food you actually eat: all those cookies, chocolate bars, chips and sandwiches. It will become clear for you why you gain weight and get your health deteriorated.

At the same time many of us are aware that healthy nutrition is the basis of healthy lifestyle. So, it becomes obvious that eating habits should be changed the sooner the better, if you want to preserve strong health.

Of course, all of us know perfectly the main rules of proper nutrition like eating more vegetables and fruits, excluding junk and sweet food from daily menu. But unfortunately, many of us find it difficult to eat only healthy products and shy away from everything tasty and unhealthy.

So what is the way out? Below are a few tricks which will help you to avoid eating unhealthy products and at the same time not to feel deprived of all pleasures of this life.

All of us know this saying “long absent – soon forgotten”. This is the universal truth for many things in our life and may be easily applied to the food we eat. In other words, if you do not have unhealthy food in your fridge, you will not eat it. As a rule, people are too lazy to go shopping every time they want something special to eat. That is why it is easy to resist to temptation of eating sweets, if you do not have them at all.

Another trick is to add more fruits and vegetables to your daily meals. Cereals will be healthier and contain more vitamins and microelements, if you add some berries or raisins there. This will also be a perfect substitution to sugar. If you consider berries not to be sweet enough, honey will suit also. This natural product is extremely useful for health due to the unique content of vitamins and microelements.

What is also important with your nutrition strategy is not to mix feeling hungry and feeling thirsty. Very often people eat when actually their organism requires some liquid. Just make an experiment – when you start feeling hunger, drink some water and in most cases you’ll see that you are no more feel hungry. But shy away from sweet fizzy drinks – they do not quench your thirst, but at the same time they supply you with many additional calories which you certainly do not need. In case you want something other than just water you may switch to herbal teas and fresh juices – thus you will drink something tasty and supply your organism with useful elements.

Such simple tricks will help you avoid unhealthy products without any efforts and thus preserve strong health and perfect shape.

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