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Chocolate healthy-Is it?

Milk chocolate and white chocolate is less healthy. This is a great excuse to munch a bit, but not a valid reason to include chocolate as a primary food in your weight loss diet plan.

Proof has been found that dark chocolate can have an effect on high blood pressure in certain group of studies.

Dark chocolate also has antioxidant properties, which will help to get rid of free radicals, which are destructive molecules that may lead to heart disease and other illnesses. But don’t follow that dark chocolate with an ice cold milk, because that might interfere with the antioxidant absorbing, according to the same study. Eaten in small ammounts is recommended.

Milk chocolate has a creamier flavor than dark chocolate does, and it is more often used in chocolate confections than dark chocolate is. Dark chocolate can be included in your regime as part of a healthy diet,unlike milk chocolate which is used in lots of recipes but is not as good for you.

When bakers chocolate is made pure chocolate liquer it is bitter tasting as it is only intended for baking. Recipes that use bakers chocolate need sugar in them also.

Chocolate liqueur is only 10% of what makes up milk chocolate. when making milk chocolate,vanilla and sugar is added to make it sweeter and to make it more flavoursome.

The calibre of chocolate does differ from one candymaker to another. Poor quality ingredients lead to a bitter-tasting grainy chocolate,where as high quality chocolate liqueur and milk leads to a pleasant-tasting milk chocolate.

Nutmeg,sugar and fat is in higher proportions than cocoa solids in white chocolate. White chocolate isn’t even considered to be chocolate at all,by some people.

Baking and drinking chocolate both used cocoa powder,for drinking it uses cocoa powder plus sugar and milk. All kinds of cocoa powder are made be the process of removing almost all of the cocoa butter after pulverizing chocolate liqueur that is mainly defatted. To help batter rise natural cocoa is used in baking.

Flavonoids can be found in cocoa when it is made in a certain way. Flavonoids have what may be medicinal properties, acting as a part of cancer and cardiovascular disease prevention. Indications suggest that cocoa containing flavonoids could be considered part of a healthy diet. Studies suggest that cocoa flavonoids after they are eaten have no antioxidant benefits whatsoever.

Cocoa butter’s replacement is a compound chocolate made from cocoa and vegetable fat. Its used to encase softer fillings. Many types of white chocolate would be more accurately described as compound chocolate.

Chocolate before it has been processed or had other ingredients added is called raw chocolate. This is sold in countries that grow chocolate, and has been presented as being more of a healthy food than is processed chocolate. Either way, outside of very moderate dark chocolate intake, the medicinal values are not valuable enough that chocolate should be considered a valid part of a weight loss diet program.

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