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Common Running Mistakes That Women Make

Running is a form of cardiovascular exercise that can be incorporated into any routine. It can be done by people at any level of fitness and it doesn’t require any other form of equipment other than running shoes. Make sure that you have a strong and comfortable pair of running shoes that suits your needs. All you need to do when running is to keep your body upright and your stomach tight. The back foot should give a push off on each step and keep the arms bent to make the strides more efficient.

Running at moderate intensity for 30 minutes can burn approximately 360 calories. Running also improves the thigh muscles in front and in the back, the butt muscles, the abs, and calves of the runner. It can also improve the cardiorespiratory endurance of the person. These benefits may sound awesome but they cannot be achieved if the runner doesn’t follow the right form and if he or she doesn’t have the proper motivation. These are just some of the common mistakes women make when running.

The Common Mistakes

Committing mistakes when starting a fitness or exercise program is not unusual, but if you want to improve yourself, you should know and avoid the following mistakes that women make when beginning a running routine.
* Failure to set and follow the right goal. When you say “I want to run 5 miles today”, run five miles on that day. Stick to your plan even if you are having difficulty. This will test your discipline.

* No warm ups and cool downs. Women often don’t do any warm up or cool down when they go jogging. Warming up conditions your muscles well before the rigorous exercise. You can warm up just by jogging the first mile then break into a run after that. Cooling down can give the tensed muscle after the exercise the release that they need. Women have more sensitive muscles than men and they need to do this so that their muscles will not be overworked.

* Poor technique. Running also needs the proper form so that the exercise that it provides the body will be maximized. Women usually don’t pay enough attention to this since they want to always look poised and more feminine.
* Using the wrong shoes. Women must always use the right running shoes so that injuries will be prevented.

* Improper breathing. Women are guilty with this. Breathing incorrectly when doing exercise can result to fatigue and overexertion. Aside from that, it can also cause high blood pressure while working out. Performing the proper breathing technique will make running less strenuous.

 Adding some other forms of exercise. Adding additional exercises other than just running will help develop other muscles. Carrying some weights when running will also improve their arm muscles. With the weights at hand, they can do some stretching and develop not only the leg muscles, but also the upper portion of the body and those muscles that are often neglected. Having additional exercises also helps in promoting flexibility.

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