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Cosmetic Surgery Guide – A Look At The Most Common Procedures

Why is cosmetic surgery so popular? People want to feel better about themselves. One of the ways people begin to feel better about themselves is by feeling better about how they look. Medical advancements in cosmetic surgery have made such surgery simpler and safer and it has become more acceptable in recent years to have cosmetic surgery. The price of cosmetic surgery is also lower today than it was in past years. 97% of plastic surgery patients report higher self esteem and a better quality of life.

Cosmetic surgery has been performed since ancient times. There is evidence that the Ancient Greeks and Romans practiced plastic surgery. They corrected birth defects and also attempted to erase the disfigurements that occurred as punishments for crimes or as injuries of war. People have always wanted to look their best, so it is no surprise that as technology has advanced cosmetic procedures have become more popular then ever.

Until quite recently, plastic surgery was considered to be a woman’s procedure. Today many men also have plastic surgery. And age is no longer a consideration. People of all ages, including teens, have plastic surgery. At one time society considered cosmetic surgery to be a matter of vanity and only for a wealthy few. Today people feel pressured by society to be thin and beautiful and are willing to undergo surgery to achieve this look. Here is the top five list of popular plastic surgeries:

– “A Nose Job” – or rhinoplasty, is less invasive than some cosmetic procedures, and can go a long way in improving a person’s appearance.

– Liposuction – is number two on the popularity list of cosmetic surgeries. Many people (particularly Americans) are significantly overweight. It’s become so popular because the results are usually excellent.

– Eyebrow lifts – are number three. An eyebrow lift can enhance facial appearance and take a lot of years off tired eyes. It’s very simple and results are very good. It’s a popular procedure with men as well as women.

– Breast enlargements – rank four on the list. Implants are safer since the media scares of the ’90s and this relatively simple procedure can really boost a woman’s confidence.

– Facelifts – are fifth on the cosmetic surgery popularity list. A facelift is a very intrusive procedure. It involves a fairly long recovery time. Most patients report, though, that they are very happy with the results of this popular surgery.

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