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Curing Migraine Headache With Preventive Treatment

Migraine headache is onset when the blood vessels in your brain enlarge resulting in the stretching of nerve fibers around them. These inflamed arteries result in extending nerve fibers that promptly release chemicals which bring on the intense throbbing pains known as migraine.

Nausea, diarrhea, fainting spells are common occurrences with Migraine. The victims also suffer find it difficult and painful to endure bright lights, sounds. Migraine headaches result in major work stoppages as over 25 million Americans are reported to be afflicted with this ailment.

Common causes of migraine are lack of proper rest, worry, insufficient food etc. Most migraine sufferers immediately begin to recognize warning signals that warn them of an oncoming attack and resort to precautionary steps to ward off or at least severely impair the magnitude of the attack.

While a definite migraine headache treatment is still to be discovered some common tips and combating techniques are discussed below. Non medical therapies resort to recognizing and reversing the most potential cause of your migraine. If for instance certain foods trigger this headache in you, try steering clear of such food thereby eliminating one major contributor in your case. Other such measures can also help to bring down the frequency of the attacks.

Prevention tactics work best in battling this disease. Smoking, bright lights, chocolates, caffeine are known provokers of this pain and hence should be avoided as far as possible. Acupuncture helps relieve pain. Acupuncture refers to identifying key points in your body and jabbing these points with needles.

For mild variations of migraines, individuals resort to prescriptive medicines available from local chemists. A common medication available over the counter are analgesics which only act as pain killers and do not really eliminate the inflammation of the blood vessels which are the root cause of the migraine. Tylenol, an acetaminophen based product and Ibuprofen, a non steroidal anti-inflammatory drug are common over the counter medications that you can purchase from local pharmacies.

NSAIDs unlike analgesics treat migraine headaches by reducing the inflammation of the blood vessels. You can also take drugs like corticosteroids which work on the same principle as NSAIDs but they contain steroids and so are considered harmful to the body.

Another point against corticosteroids is the longer time it takes to produce results. Another common drug used for migraine headache treatment is Triptan. This also works by reducing the arteries but should only be used under medical supervision as they are known to trigger heart attacks and strokes.

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