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Dancing is America’s New Fitness Craze

If you have watched any TV at all lately, you know that dancing shows have taken over as the hottest reality TV trend. America has brought about this development as ratings have soared for shows like “Dancing with the Stars” and “So You Think You Can Dance”. It is no wonder shows like these have sparked a new fitness craze. It doesn’t take long to realize the difference between those dancers’ bodies and your couch potato body as you watch them fly through the air and dance to incredibly fast and precise choreography.

As the popularity of dance on TV has taken off, dance classes across the country have been filling up. The truth is, everyone wants to have fun, and dance is freeing and a great release for all involved. It is also the antidote to the anti-social home computer trends that have kept people locked in their homes staring at dimly lit computer screens. Humans are naturally gregarious, and the innate drive to interact is always bubbling under the surface. Dance is such a highly social activity, so it makes perfect sense that it has grown so much in popularity.

Along with TV, the internet has created widespread exposure to dance like never before. Specifically Facebook and Youtube have broadened the cultural appeal of dance across the world. Dance and fitness classes have reported an unprecedented openness to new styles and forms of dance.

From the fitness standpoint, few cardio activities rival dance in its ability to bring fast results in a very fun environment. Instead of spending hours on a treadmill staring at a TV screen with headphones on in relative isolation from the world, many prefer dancing and interacting while losing weight. Dance is an excellent way to get into shape and to stay in shape. It builds muscles that stay long and lean rather than bulky. It also helps with posture, grace, and self-confidence.

If you’re looking to try dancing you may have a few concerns. Most dance teachers find the biggest concern with beginners is the fear of being judged by others. If this is something that concerns you, remember that the truth is that no one in class cares. Everyone is busy dealing with their own challenges. It is a learning environment, so everyone is there to improve. In order to really learn to dance, you need to just focus on the activity. Go with the attitude of turning off your analytical brain and just dancing for the sake of moving to the music and having fun.

As you get more into dance, you’ll need plenty of energy to fuel your training. In a addition to a healthy diet of whole grains and plenty of fruits and vegetables, a good protein supplement like Whey Protein Isolate will help you to have the energy that you need. Whey Protein contains 90% protein and will help you develop the lean muscles that you need for dance. It is an all-natural byproduct of dairy and is the most efficient way to boost branched-chain amino acids that are needed for building strong lean muscle. This has the added bonus of improving your metabolism so your body will naturally burn fat.

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