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Depression Symptoms and Treatment

Depression Treatment

Depression is a common psychological disorder where in the person feels hopeless or pessimistic. This is due to tragedy in life like death in family, loss of job or isolation from family and peers. At some point in life most people are depressed. But to some people it may affect to such an extent that people may lose enthusiasm in daily routine activities, there have no proper concentration. They become antisocial and feeling of worthlessness develop in them.

There are many types of depression like unipolar, bipolar, psychotic and Dysthmia. In unipolar a person is constantly in state of despair. Bipolar depression is when there are mood swings from depressed to getting elated. Psychotic depressive people hear voices and see things which are not real. Dysthmia is type of depression it is when a person is sad most of the times and stopped enjoying life.

Depression can affect a person’s work capacity and performance. It can lead to heart problems and social problems. It can last for days and months. If depression left unrecognized it leads to possibility of suicides. Some of the people may not know depression and others may try to hide depression. If there are any signs of depression to any individual consult a doctor and start treating depression.

Depression makes a person’s life dull and most of the times a person feels he is useless and have negative thinking. To help depressive people talking therapy is useful. Making them work which they are good at. Boosting them and giving a positive image of themselves. Sleep is necessary. A well sleep at the night can work like wonder on person’s mood. Eating healthy foods which are rich in nutritional values. Exercise can also help them tackle depression.

Medications and therapies can help to cure depression. But to cure depression support of family is essential. Encourage the person to be positive and make them feel they are important. Depression if left untreated can lead to serious complications like psychological and emotional issues.

Depression can be cured with natural remedies like fish oil. The diet which is rich in fatty acids are salmon fish, pumpkin seeds, tuna fish, nuts like walnuts.

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