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Depressive Symptoms In Old Age

Depression Treatment

Depression is not easy for people to find out. As most people are unaware of depressive illness symptoms and hence seek medical health very late in their life. Such is case with older people as well, they find out when they have arrived in later stages of their life. In such condition they first want to completely deny it but late feel fear and embarrassment from society.

People need to be aware of many depression types existing in the society. Such as Clinical Depression Symptoms, Manic Depression, Postpartum Depression and like such.

Senior people to suffer from Depression. The Causes of Depression include disability, reduce quality of life, no family or care taker, dementia. To help old age people to combat depression. There is need for employing creative methods to diminish effects of depression.

Following below are simple step to help you improve your life and beat depression from your life.

1) As depression is not easy to conquer but at same time it is not impossible too. Older people need to remember to separate their medical illness from depressive symptoms. So that doctor can understand your condition much better and therefore be able to help you.

2) Some medical diseases such as Parkinson can exacerbate depressive illness in a person. Other statistics show that people who had suffered heart attack, cancer are more likely to suffer from depression too.

3) To help get rid of depression, senior people need to maintain good working relationship between their doctors. They need to be calm and maintain patience as depression cannot go away in a short term.

4) Refrain from taking alcohol as it can worsen things for you. Generally when people find themselves lonely or suffering chronic pain tends to use alcohol.

Alcohol is a depressant in nature and hence it will make any level of depression increase many fold. Avoid using alcohol when you are using any drugs and their combination can be dangerous.

5) Perform regular exercise as it can have potential to improve your condition and mood. Many senior people experience depression when they have any disability or when they fall down in any accidents.

Statistics display that 33% of senior citizen in America fall at least once per year. Reducing depression can reduce number of falls that in turn will contribute to one’s over all well being.

Any exercise that can strengthen bones and other parts of the body is important to participate in such program. Other forms of balance enhancing techniques can also help develop core strength.

Exercise contributes in reducing depression by releasing natural endorphins, which is a natural pain reducer and mood improver. Adding on person gain lot of confidence that is gained by performing these work out. Helping them feel less fear of falling down.

Many people are not ready to accept that they are witnessing depressive syndrome. Infact they get angry and refuse to listen to any suggestion given to them by their family or friends.

Therefore, it is required that senior people need to agree that depression required medical treatment. There has been significant improvement in variety of treatment in curing depression. Such people need to understand, depression can not be treated by not consulting doctor. If un treated depressive illness will increase their effect in their life, thereby crippling entire life. Proper treatment is must and for that older people need to consult any professional doctor.

Other Helpful – Postpartum Depression Symptoms: After childbirth, the woman goes through a lot of changes. So this kind of depression may hit her.

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