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Diabetes main types and causes

Different Types of Diabetes

Diabetes is diagnosed by two type of tests namely blood and Urine test. In urine test there are samples of glucose. Blood test is generally done in three ways.

The three mentioned types of blood test are:

Fasting plasma glucose test – diagnosed if blood glucose level is above 126mg/dL

Oral glucose tolerance test- diagnosed if blood glucose level is above 200mg/dL

Random blood sugar test – diagnosed if blood sugar level is above 200mg/dL

If a person is diagnosed with diabetes, the first question which appears to his mind is what are the food items he needs to avoid and what are food items he needs to take. This question is very much relevant as diabetes is a metabolic condition. Here it is related to energy, as food we eat is converted to energy.

The food items which is diabetic person needs to avoid include simple carbohydrates as they easily converted to glucose. Instead of them a person needs to take complex carbohydrates. Avoid artificial sweet items. Vegetables rich in starch like potatoes are to be avoided.

The foods which are more suitable for diabetic persons should be rich in fiber content. Examples of fruits and vegetables which are rich in fiber content are Broccoli, pumpkin, peas, beans, spinach, apples, bananas and dry fruits like apricots, dates and raisins.

What are symptoms of diabetes

The major signs and symptoms of diabetes are increase hunger, frequent urination, increased appetite, numbness in feet and hands and unclear vision.

Diabetes is defined as condition when there is high amounts of blood glucose level. This high level of sugar content is harmful to the human body. This condition is known as glucose toxicity. The cause of diabetes is due to stop in production of insulin or the insulin produced is not enough for the body or the cells do not react to insulin produced.

Diabetes causes and its types:

Diabetes is mainly classified in two major types. Type 1 or Juvenile diabetes. Type 2 or Adult onset diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is due to stop in production of insulin, which mainly because of autoimmune system of the body. The autoimmune system destroys the beta cells of pancreas which are secretion of insulin. It is more prominent among young adults or teenagers.

Type 2 diabetes is mainly due to low production of insulin or the cells do not react with insulin produced. Type 2 diabetes is seen more in adults above age of 40 plus years.

The main reasons for both the types of diabetes is age, lack of exercise, and obesity.

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