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Diabetes Symptoms and Causes

different types of diabetes

Diabetes is never ending and has many severe side effects. Diabetes is deadly disease too. Some of the major complications of the diabetes are blindness, organ damage, damage of the circulatory system which can lead to cut off the body parts such as toes and feet, and for some of them it may end up losing legs.

Type 2 diabetes also known as adult onset diabetes is mainly due to high levels of glucose in the blood stream. This high level of the glucose is expelled out of the body through urine. The increased level of sugar in the blood is also due to increased intake of the simple carbohydrates in the diet.

Some of the diabetes symptoms which makes it easier to understand the disease are

Excessive urination: This is due to high level of the glucose in the blood. The insulin production is low or stopped due to the kidneys are not able to filter the sugar back to the blood. The kidneys here try to get more water from the blood to dilute the glucose which keeps the bladder full and makes frequent urination.

Excessive Thirst: When there is excessive glucose in the blood the body tries to get rid of it by taking water from internal system, to compensate it there is unquenchable thirst.

Numbness in feet: Due to high blood sugar level in the blood stream there is tingling or numbness in the feet and hands. Which is due to nervous system damage in the body. This is called as neuropathy. Adult onset diabetes develops slowly and most of the times a person is unaware of the disease.

Weakness: The function of the insulin is to act as key and allow glucose to pass into the cells of the body where it is stored as energy. Insulin is hormone secreted by the pancreas. Pancreas consists of group of cells which are collectively known as islet of langerhans. Among which beta cells are responsible for secretion of insulin. So when there is no insulin in the body , the glucose doesn’t come in contact with the cells and stays in the blood, so the cells are starved which makes weakness.

If there is unclear vision, itchy skin and recurrent infections along with slow wound healing it indicates there are chances of diabetes to a person.

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