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Diabetic Signs And Symptoms

Diabetes Types

Diabetes is never ending disease, it is a condition when there is high glucose level in the human body. Pancreas consists of four types of cells which are collectively known as Islets of langerhans. Among which there are beta cells which are responsible for secretion of insulin. Insulin is a hormone which controls blood sugar level.

Diabetes is a deadly disease. Diabetes is divided into two major types Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is also known as Juvenile diabetes as it is more common among young adults or teenagers. It is due to stop in production of insulin. This halt in production of insulin is due to autoimmune system of the human body which destroys the beta cells. Insulin is a must dose over here so it is also known by the name Insulin dependent diabetes(IDDM).

Type 2 diabetes is more common among people who are above 40 plus age so it is known as Adult onset diabetes. Insulin is not a must over here. So it is also known by the name Non Insulin dependent diabetes. It is due to small production of insulin or the cells of the body i.e. the receptors failing to react with the insulin produced. This condition is known as Insulin resistance and the body here creates more and more insulin. Due to which the insulin production becomes low.

The diabetes signs and symptoms for both the type are same. The signs are

1. Frequent Urination: Here the frequent urination is due to ineffectiveness of insulin, the kidney can’t filter glucose and it is overwhelmed and draws water out of the blood to dilute glucose. This makes more trips to bathroom.

2. Extreme thirst: If there is extreme thirst along with frequent urination as they go together, it is a sign of diabetes. If the water is pulled out the body needs to replace it, so a person gets thirsty frequently.

3. Unexplained weight loss: The too much of glucose in the blood is harmful and known as glucose toxicity. The function of insulin is to act as key and pass glucose to the cells of liver, muscle and fat. In diabetes which is not done so to overcome the body breaks down the fat cells of fat and muscle and weight loss occurs.

4. Weakness: The body lacks in energy as glucose remains in the blood. A person feels tired and tends to sleep.

5. Numbness in hands or feet: This is due to high glucose in the blood. This time it damages the nervous system. This sign is usually in extreme condition of diabetes.

The other major symptoms for diabetes include

Blurry vision

Irritable skin

Frequent infections

All these may not appear suddenly but they develop gradually and most of the people are unaware of them.

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