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Discovering Whether Or Not Teeth Whitening Gel Is Right For You

Discovering Whether Or Not Teeth Whitening Gel Is Right For You

Many people have reported getting phenomenal results when using a teeth whitening gel. The truth is that some of the best products really can dramatically whiten teeth without compromising dental health. There are some tooth stains however that simply will not respond to this whitening method. When you know what type of tooth staining you are up against, you are better able to select your tool.

Stains that are more severe may not always see a positive change through the use of these products. There are stains that can be present at the internal level, and stains that are present at the external level. External level stains can be lessened or even eliminated using teeth whitening products. It is important with external stains however, to identify the cause and then to reduce or eliminate it. The causes often range from smoking to drinking excessive amounts of beverages that create stains such as red wine, coffee and tea.

Stains that are on an internal level are usually caused by excessive exposure to specific families of pharmaceuticals or by trauma that occurred at the sight. Lightening these often requires laser treatments. A more surefire solution for internal issues is veneers.

Hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide are the two active ingredients in most whitening products. These bleach the teeth by entering through the enamel. While they can be highly effective at brightening the appearance of teeth, they can overtime, especially with overuse, weaken the enamel.

This is exacerbated by frequent consumption of specific foods that can change the pH of the mouth. These conditions allow for weakened enamel which make conditions ideal for decay. Thus, even when this solution is ideal for your needs, it is important to only implement as regularly as suggested by the product manufacturer, and to immediately become more conscious of the sugars and acids that you consume.

If you choose to invest in teeth whitening gel, the best thing that you can do to aid your search process is to read the available ratings and reviews online. Some people record experiences that suggest combining two or more products may be more effective on certain stubborn tooth stains. When you know what you are up against, it makes it far easier to arm yourself with the right whitening tools.

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