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Dizziness Causes And medication

Headache and dizziness are two separate and distinct conditions, there are many people who can experience them at the same time. What are the circumstances that might cause both dizziness and a headache to occur at precisely the same time? There are at least five possible causes that need to be considered when it happens.I have never really understood how athletes, especially figure skaters can do the spins, without getting dizzy. Although getting drunk can cause both headache and dizziness, but the dizziness that is caused by vertigo is more serious, as it involves a problem with your equilibrium, controlled by the inner ear.

Dizziness causes a lot of assumption and evaluation. It can be a major or minor issue, a chronic disease or just plainly symptom of hearing imbalance. Most of the dizziness problems as reported is due to hearing problem. Hearing disturbances can be caused by some factors like; psychological (malingering), sudden hearing loss, noise trauma, or even otitis.


Many diseases that cause dizziness and light-headedness are due to some malfunction of the nerves, sending mix responses to our brain cells. For some time in everyone’s life, we experience these dizziness episodes. Like for instance when we are hungry, or if we are dehydrated, we feel dizzy. Perceptive symptoms of dizziness can result to some other serious and life – threatening diseases, namely anemia, chronic cardiovascular problems, blood pressure issues, and even major psychological imbalance.

Many experts believe that this is a very hard symptom to diagnose since it can point out into different areas of study or problem. If dizziness is a symptom of any kind of disease, there should be an accompanying signs that this may show for the sufferer to understand what’s causing it.

How to stop:

If you suffer from long-term dizziness then you may find that you are experiencing great anxiety over being dizzy. You know that you can never tell when you will get dizzy and worry that you may experience vertigo at a time when it could prove detrimental to your health or your career. The more you think about the problem, the worse it often becomes. It is possible to stop dizziness and reduce the impact that this physiological problem has on your ability to work and play.


Dizziness or vertigo can cause symptoms which can include: partial vision loss or double vision, loss of coordination, numbness (on one or both sides of the body), slurred speech, weakness, ringing in the ears, severe vomiting and general confusion. Any or all of these symptoms can subside when the headache begins, but it is also possible that some of the symptoms can last for several days, even after the pain goes away.During a migraine attack, it is possible that the pain, nausea and discomfort can make you feel dizzy. Dizziness can also occur after a migraine attack, much like a bad a hangover.


-Antihypertensive or blood pressure drugs
-NSAIDs or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.
-Anti-angina drugs relieve symptoms of angina which is severe chest pain caused by heart disease.

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