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Dry Mouth: What Is It?

Individual who suffer from dry mouth is disturb by a decrease in saliva production. Saliva keeps the mouth moist. Saliva also cleans the mouth and helps to digest the food that we eat. In addition to that, saliva also manage the bacteria inside the mouth and helps to avoid infections that particularly form in the mouth. We all will suffer from a dry mouth at some point in our lifetime. Few of the most known cause for a dry mouth include: ¡ Side effects of particular medications ¡ Side effects of particular diseases ¡ Side effects of certain medical treatments ¡ Nerve damage ¡ Dehydration ¡ Damaged salivary glands ¡ Hormonal changes ¡ Lifestyle In people that believe that they are agonizing from a dry mouth here are a some of the most known symptoms: ¡ Dry and sticky feeling in the mouth ¡ Frequent thirst ¡ Mouth swelling ¡ Pain, dry, and/or shiver sensation in the throat ¡ Red, raw, and/or dry tongue ¡ Bad breath ¡ Dry nasal passages ¡ Sore throat ¡ Problems speaking ¡ Difficulty tasting, chewing, and/or swallowing People who are bothered from a dry mouth is an irritating problem practically if the dry mouth is due to the side effects of a disease or medical treatments in which the dry mouth is incurable. If medications are causing a dry mouth, the dry mouth will normally subside once the medication is discontinued, but remember to consult a physician before discontinuing any use of a prescribed medication. In order to alleviate some of the symptoms associated with a dry mouth here are a few ideas that have proven beneficial in promoting the flow of saliva within the mouth: ¡ Chew sugar-free gum ¡ Engulf on sugar free candy ¡ Drink plenty of fluids and stay away from sugary drinks and cola ¡ Use a room vaporizer to add moisture to the room, especially the bedroom ¡ Breath through the nose

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