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Early Pregnancy And Back Pains

It’s a normal phenomenon to have early pregnancy back pains. During the early phase of pregnancy, most women witness some back pain and it would subside after about 20 weeks. Because of the softening of the supporting ligaments and disks due to increase in progesterone hormones, backaches and spasms become present. Pain in the back can also be resulted from urinary infection during pregnancy. Other causes of back pains include extra body weigh as well as the change in her gravity’s centre.
Try exercising because it’s considered as the most important and safest treatment for early pregnancy back pains.

During early pregnancy, certain medications for back related pain is contraindicated. Mini crunches, walking, pelvic rocking, and bending your knees are some samples of good exercises to help relieve back pains. Pregnant women can help relieve their back pains by trying out these exercises.

One must also have good body mechanics and right body posture to help prevent early pregnancy back pain. Try standing straight and tall to help prevent back pain. But having the right posture isn’t just for the early pregnancy stage, it should also occur before that.

During late pregnancy, women tend to pull their shoulders back to try and offset the extra weight, thus resulting to a back strain. Pregnant women can help reduce this pain by frequently changing their sitting positions and not standing for long periods.

To try and eliminate early pregnancy back pain, you should have adequate rest and sleep. Make sure you get enough rest and stay away from strenuous activities. Doing normal yoga exercises can also help get rid of minor pains. If pain continues, then it’s best to see your doctor and ask for proper medication. Physiotherapy would be a suggestion by some doctors.

Using special mattresses and massages are also effective in relieving back pain in early pregnancy.

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