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Electronic cigarettes

E-cigs are now well received in public. The increase in users of electronic cigarettes has helped pubs and bars stay afloat during the recession, some publicans believe.

“Why would people go outside and smoke in the rain, get smoke on their clothes and in their hair when I am quite happy to let them use Electronic Cigarettes within my bar? It is far more enjoyable for smokers to use electric cigarettes, which are battery powered, not lit with a flame, rather than inhale toxic carcinogenic substances and tar when they smoke a regular cigarette.”

This publican promotes the Electro Cigarette as a healthier alternative to smoking real cigarettes, which contain over 4,000 toxins.

With more and more people joining the gym and focussing on their health, electronic cigarettes are the next big thing, helping people to reduce their intake of toxic chemicals found in real cigarettes and helping them to save money as electronic cigarettes are up to 80% cheaper than real cigarettes.

However, they’re certainly not a fad or a craze, these are a healthier trend that is sweeping the nation! Since more and more people are using the Internet to buy online, electronic cigarettes have become readily available and easy to purchase, even being delivered to your home or work.

Since Hon Lik (inventor of the electronic cigarette) was nominated Kcancer Hero by Kcancer audiences on 22nd May 2010, more and more people are looking to the devices as a credible product that can satisfy nicotine cravings without the harmful toxins that are present in regular cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes have intrigued people for around ten years now and yet despite their decade in the public eye, they are only just beginning to be recognised as brilliant devices that can help smokers reduce the number of real cigarettes that they smoke and satisfy nicotine cravings without them inhaling dangerous toxins.

If more and more people are seen in public “smoking” these devices, more and more lives could be improved as more people choose to use the electronic cigarettes. Their small battery is used to atomise a solution contain nicotine and flavourings, allowing users to inhale a vapour that satisfies nicotine cravings and even tastes like real cigarette smoke.

The whole experience of smoking an electronic cigarette is so similar to the real thing, even the feel of putting the device to your mouth and taking a toke on it is just like a real cigarette; the end contains an LED which lights up when a drag is taken. The cartridges that are replaced after the equivalent of about 10-12 real cigarettes (depending on how heavy a smoker you are), are filled with a flavoured liquid. You choose your cartridge flavour depending on your own preference. If you prefer the taste of menthol cigarettes or real tobacco, there is a flavour for you. All of these features add to the look, feel and taste of the electronic cigarettes that have won over people across the world.

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