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Erectile Dysfunction Causes And Treatment

Erectile Dysfunction is defined as the inability to achieve or maintain an erection sufficient for mutually satisfying intercourse. Erectile Dysfunction impacts more than a man’s sexual activity. The emotions and uncertainties that coincide with this condition often have a significant effect on a man’s self-esteem, as well as and his relationship with his partner. Although the incidence of Erectile Dysfunction increases with age, it is not an inevitable result of aging. Erectile Dysfunction is a secondary condition linked to many medical conditions.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction: –

There are many underlying physical and psychological causes of erectile dysfunction. Reduced blood flow to the penis and nerve damage is the most common physical causes. Underlying conditions associated with erectile dysfunction include the following:
* Vascular disease
* Diabetes
* Venous leak
* Drugs
* Peyronie’s disease
* Hormone imbalances
* Pelvic trauma, surgery, radiation therapy
* Psychological conditions
* Neurologic conditions

Tips to Overcome Erectile Dysfunction: –

Erectile dysfunction which is a very common complaint can be generally rectified by following few simple steps. Here goes the list of simple but effective tips to rectify erectile dysfunction.

* Avoid consumption of alcohol. If you are addicted to alcohol restrict the intake. Alcohol acts on central nervous system and causes erectile dysfunction.
* Happy and comfortable atmosphere at home is very essential to stimulate sexual desire and keep sexually healthy.
* Keep away from smoking. Men who smoke suffer from erectile dysfunction than men who do not. It is evident from researches. Smoking causes formation of plaques in arteries (atherosclerosis) which obstruct the blood flow.
* Avoid working for long hours. Take a break from regular routine at week ends and spend time with your partner.
* Exercise regularly and daily. Brisk walk for 45 minutes is the best exercise which keeps the cardiovascular system healthy. Researches have shown that the incidences of erectile dysfunction are less in men who regularly exercise.
* Practice Yoga and meditation regularly to keep away anxiety, depression and stress. Meditation and Yoga are best stress busters.
* Do not have the fear of not getting hard erections or do not doubt your ability to satisfy your partner. It will lead to psychological ED.
* Weight reduction helps to increase testosterone level and increases sexual energy and stamina. Weight reduction helps to keep hypertension and diabetes in control. Diabetes causes erectile dysfunction and anti hypertensive medications may cause erectile dysfunction.

Herbal Medicine for Erectile Dysfunction: –

Herbal doctors have made a wonder drug for soving your impotence or erectile dysfunction problem. It is known as Vigomax Forte. This formulation is mentioned Kamasutra, The love book of passionate loves.

This is the most powerful formula that will fade away your erection or impotence problem in no time. This formulation is based on Ayurvedic medical system with the most powerful herbs that are known to treat away erectile dysfunction.

Vigomax Forte consists of following herbs: –

1. Withania Somnifera – 200mg
2. Mucuna pruriens – 200mg
3. Orchid latifolia – 200mg
4. Tribulus terrestris – 225mg
5. Chlorophytum arundinaceum – 100mg
6. Ricinus communis – 150mg

Vigomax Forte useful for: Erectile Dysfunction, Sexual Performance, Libido, Impotence, Sexual insufficiency

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