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Experts Said at The Afternoon to Walk 20 Minutes to Make Energy

Ancient Chinese book on military strategy, said, “Thirty-Six, go for the best policy.” Fitness experts are particularly recommended in this: afternoon exercise, go for the best plan.

In fact, most workers have such an experience, when two or three in the afternoon, so weak, confused thinking, which in the end Why? Beijing Science and Fitness expert instructors on the heart of the Secretary-General Cho explained, “The yellow emperor’s classic of internal medicine

” that “SHEN Shi, the bladder in season”, SHEN Shi is 3 to 5 points at the time, that time to “channel” should be maintained excited. But office workers are vulnerable in the afternoon, unable to focus, and labor does not contribute, and this is the “channel” is not exciting reason.

The solution is to sports. According to the British “Daily Mail” reported that the University of Bristol researchers say the afternoon for exercise training to maximize ease the pressure. In reality there are many examples, such as in this year’s two sessions, Premier Wenquan said, swimming and walking to maintain their stamina. The Feng these stars are more like outdoor happy to play golf. As an ordinary office worker in the afternoon to choose what sport best? Expert advice is — go.

Zhao said the heart of the afternoon the most activity takes 20 minutes to activities, climbing stairs, brisk walking, or do function under the joint operating activities. Similarly, Beijing Normal University, Associate Professor of Physical Education and Sports School Zhao zhixin is also recommended by the fitness of dollars “to go.” Rate should not be too dramatic, not a long time, 20 minutes, to stretch the main motion, 17 points can then do some strength after a larger movement.

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