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Factors That Can Lead To Acid Reflux

Preventing acid reflux is easily done in most cases. A great deal of acid reflux factors can be controlled through lifestyle changes and mild medication. Understanding what is causing your acid reflux will help you deal with this problem better. Getting a physical from your doctor is the best way to find out. Your doctor will ask about your lifestyle and combine that with your physical fitness to help identify the cause of your acid reflux. The following are some of the main causes.
In most cases, the main cause of acid reflux is eating the wrong type of foods. In this case, the acid reflux is referred to as heartburn which is a temporary problem. It is important to look into your food choices if you suffer from heartburn regularly. Do you eat large amounts of spicy food? How much chocolate do you eat on a regular basis? Is garlic used in most of your foods? Tomatoes, either by themselves or in something else, are also known to cause heartburn. Avoiding these common ingredients is not as difficult as it may sound. Giving up chocolate is no fun for anyone but it beats dealing with regular heartburn.

How is your weight? Talking about a person’s weight is usually a sensitive area. Considering one’s weight is never easy. Acid reflux is greatly influenced by a person’s weight, however. People who are overweight or obese are more likely to suffer from acid reflux than people whose weight is in the normal range. Other health issues can be “cured” by getting your weight under control as well. Your acid reflux and weight gain may be caused by the same foods. So, if you cut them out you’ll already have a head start on curing both problems.

Your acid reflux can be triggered if you bend over shortly after eating a heavy meal. In order to use the food for fuel, your body produces more acid to break down the food when the stomach is full. When the stomach fills up, the “flap” that keeps the food and acid in is more likely to fluctuate. Because bending over can cause this flap to fail, you can end up with acid in your esophagus or even your mouth. To prevent this, stay upright after your meals.

You can control most of the causes of acid reflux. Your doctor can assist you in determining what lifestyle changes may be necessary for you to control your acid reflux. With just a couple simple changes, you can start feeling better.

Author bio: Michael Chatman is a writer and invites you to watch anime and naruto shippuuden at his site.

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