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Factors That Effect Men Fertility Problems

Factors that Effect Men Fertility problems

Fertility problems in men approximately one in six couples will face a fertility problem. This means that after at least one year with regular relation, no pregnancy occurred. In about one third of cases are due to the woman in the third lies on the man. In other situations, the cause in both is whether they are unclear.

Semen quality
Semen consists of sperm cells (spermatozoa) and liquid. The production of sperm occurs in the testes (testicles). Then the sperm to the epididymis. They are then in the latter part of the seed storage leader.

At ejaculation, the sperm through the urethra (urethra) pushed out. Along adding the seminal fluid vesicles and prostatic fluid to the sperm. Sperm and fluid called semen together. Between the production of sperm and the time they come out with ejaculation are two to three months.

The quantity, motility and shape of the sperm to determine the quality of the seed. Impaired semen quality often involve a combination of these three factors . A man with few sperm that little mobile, makes a smaller chance of achieving fertilization than someone with a little good but motile sperm. Most men with optimal seed there is a combination of a low, low motility and many different types of sperm cells.
Even with a reduced sperm quality, a pregnancy occurs, although less likely than whether it takes longer.
Seed of reduced quality shows no increased risk of malformations in an infant.

The number of sperm cells is an initial factor. Normally, on a 100 until ejaculation 200 million sperm cells Fri Per milliliter are that 20 to 50 million. In less than 20 million sperm per milliliter is called oligo-zoosperm (few sperm cells). Sometimes there are no sperm in the semen. One speaks of zoosperm (absence of sperm). Factors that may play a role in sperm quality:

* Heat – The testicles have a temperature of 35 degrees. That is lower than body temperature (37 degrees). For maximum seed production is important that temperature. Wearing tight underwear or very often taking a hot bath or sauna can increase the temperature. Even in a tangle varicose vein in the scrotum, the temperature of the testicles may increase. Or providing a lower temperature contributes to an improved quality of seeds and a greater chance of pregnancy was never properly investigated.

* Smoking and drug – Smoking may adversely affect the quality of seed.

* Vitamin C -A lack of vitamin C in the diet may contribute to a deterioration of the seed.

* Alcohol -Excessive use of alcohol (more than two drinks per day) can adversely affect semen quality.

* Fever – Fever is sometimes a temporary cause of reduced sperm quality.

* Frequency of ejaculation- Very few of those most often have an ejaculation; some men play a role in reduced sperm quality. In general, promotes the “savings” of seed quality is not prolonged.

* Hormonal causes – A low production of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) stimulates the testicles that can lead to poor sperm quality, but this is very rare endocrine disorder.

* Other factors – Industrial chemicals such as lead and pesticides may have an adverse impact on the shape of the sperm. Even some drugs (including beta-blockers) are known to not be good for the seed.

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