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Fajita Recipe And What You Should Know About it

The finger-licking fajita recipe was actually the discovery of Mexican workers in Texas, USA. However, it is recognized as a Tex-Mex cuisine.

Nevertheless, the name ‘Fajita’ originated many years ago, which vastly includes skirt steak but in the present days a variety of fajitas recipes are available with pork, chicken, shrimp, beef etc.

The traditional fajita meal is usually a combination of meat, vegetables and different ingredients that are mostly cooked on open fire or grilled by wrapping all the ingredients in the flour-based tortilla. The meat is usually cut into strips and among vegetables jalapenos and bell peppers are a must in the wrapping.

History of fajitas

Several studies and researches suggest that the butchers residing in the Texas- Mexico border were using the word ‘fajita’ to indicate the muscle that covers the cow’s belly. And there is no record as to when the name fajita came into the being, although it was seen in print around 1971.

However, the authentic fajita is made with skirt steak and later it was followed by chicken, pork etc. In 1969 Sonny Falcon is supposed to have started the fajita taco stand in Kylie, Texas and eventually sold the fajitas in fairs, festivals etc. A journalist from Austin called Sonny Falcon as ‘The Fajita King’, which made it easy for Falcon to sell his meal with a name that became so popular.

Fajita and it is so easy to cook!

Any fajita recipe is the most the easiest of all to cook; the process and the ingredients that go into the making of fajitas is pretty simple and the cooking time for any fajita is very less, which is why it is gaining more popularity with the working women folks and the taste of it makes it very special dish though.

You can use your creativity to make fajitas, include meat or vegetables and ingredients that will satiate your taste buds. Fajita recipe can be as diverse as you can make them and most importantly you can chew on them when they are hot or cold, either ways fajitas taste yummy; a cheese topping fajita can be an ideal meal. When you have ordered for a fajita recipe in any of the restaurants expect a sizzling sound when it is brought to your table with condiments such as lettuce, sour cream, salsa, tomato etc.

Fajita-a healthy meal

Fajitas are generally spicy and hot, which makes them ideal to increase the body metabolism, effective for sinus and blocked nose. The peppers used in most of the fajita recipe are good to reduce cholesterol and improves blood circulation. Condiments used in the making of fajitas, such as garlic, guacamole, avocado and onions are all very good for health. Generally fajitas are light and serve as a nutritious meal for all.

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