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Finding The Cause of Trench Mouth

Trench mouth earned its name during the First World War, when soldiers who fought along the trenches began to have problems with their teeth and gums. Because of inadequate dental care, they did not have good oral hygiene, finally resulting in gingivitis. Over time gingivitis worsened and they are ill with a disease called trench mouth. We all have bacteria in the mouth, but when the bacteria grow out of control, the result is trench mouth. The overgrowth of bacteria in the mouth causes a severe infection in the mouth which damages and destroys the delicate gum tissue that supports the teeth. If the condition worsens large ulcers form. Such ulcers are contain with additional bacteria, food particles, and decaying gum tissue. Ultimately includes the most common trench mouth symptoms are intense gum pain, bad breath and taste in the mouth error. Bacteria is the main culprit that causes trench mouth; however, there are other risk factors that increase the risks of trench mouth and can also increase the severity of trench mouth. Trench mouth is usually affiliated with people in third world countries who have poor and/or insufficient hygiene; nevertheless, trench mouth is still known in major countries because of the result of untreated gum and mouth infections. Poor and/or difficient oral hygiene such as failed to brush the teeth and floss daily can lead to a buildup of plaque on the teeth and gums. This development of plaque makes the ideal location for bacteria to thrive and grow. Poor nutrition can also increase the risk of the person developing trench mouth. Insufficient amounts of fruits, vegetables, and essential nutrients trouble for the body to deal with infections. Undernourished children especially in the Third World are particularly susceptible to trench mouth. Individual who smoke and/or chew tobacco increase their risk factor to be infected with trench mouth. Smoking and chewing tobacco damages the blood vessels of the gums, so it is easier for bacteria to grow and prosper. A person suffering from a lowered immune system is also at a risk of getting trench mouth. Illnesses that commonly suppress a person’s immune system include: AIDS, cancer, and mononucleosis. Another problem that can usually weakened a person’s immune system is emotional stress. Stress suppress the immune system and makes it hard for the body to fight infections. Infections, particularly infections of the throat, teeth and mouth can also cause trench mouth, if not treated effectively.

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