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Fitness Equipment-Weight Lifting

Fitness equipment is a type of equipment that helps individuals stay in shape by helping them tone their muscles and build fat. However, there are so many types of fitness equipment on the market, sometimes it is confusing to know what exactly does what in the wide world of fitness.

For instance, one primary type of fitness equipment is what is known as weights. Weights come in three major forms, barbells, dumbbells, and machines. A dumb bell is a type of small bar that has weights on either end of it; it is held in one hand and lifted for toning and weight building on a single arm or appendage. A barbell is a much larger version of the dumbbell that consists of a large bar with weights on either end, most commonly, these weights are removable, allowing for the weight to be adjusted at will.
Dumbbells can be either bench pressed or dead lifted. A bench pressing means that an individual is on a bench and he or she lifts the bar up and down from the chest. A dead lift means that the bar is on the ground, and the lifter tried to get it as high as he or she can, going through specific lifting positions to get the bar into certain formations.
Machines come in an endless array of forms. There are certain machines that are used for any number of purposes; some machines are tailored to work the legs, some are tailored to work the upper arm muscles, some are fitted to work the butt muscles, and some are even tailored to use the muscles in the neck. There is literally no end to the number of weight machines that are available.
Most of these larger machines are only used in large gyms that have the funds to support the purchase as well as the maintaining of the machines. Because the machines are often specialized, they need a certain kind of attention and observation so that no one gets hurt while working on them.
Exercise equipment ranges far beyond just weight lifting and building muscle and tone; but some of the most popular types of exercise equipment is solely for the use of building muscles while burning fat, and that is precisely what these weight machines and weight lifting practices are designed to do. This is why weight lifting is the most popular form of exercise.

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