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Body building is getting more and more popular these days and for good reason. However, there are people getting into the sport and failing simply because they aren’t doing it correctly. The following are some great fitness tips to help you get fitter, stronger and healthier.

The number one pregnancy fitness tip that I can give you is to stay active. Believe it or not it’s that’s simple. The weight loss rule still applies, even with this baby that’s bound and determined to make you gain. The idea that pregnancy will leave you confined to your couch with fifteen movies and a giant bag of M&M’s is a fallacy! It is however a fact, that most activities that you were doing before pregnancy, you can participate in during pregnancy.

If you begin a weight loss and exercise program knowing you will have to endure some pain right off the bat, chances are good that you will not only be able to prepare yourself better, but you will also continue on to success. If you anticipate, plan, and take the proper steps, you can minimize your soreness.

Keep the doctor informed. Your doctor needs to have all of the information pertaining to your body. When visiting the doctor, tell them about your fitness program and how the exercise makes you feel. Write down the program you are following just in case some of the aches you are feeling can be explained more easily by the actions and daily activities you are choosing.

The most important meals are the breakfast and the post workout meal (makes sense only after really tough workouts). If your workout is not challenging enough you don’t really have to bother!

This is a good fitness tip. Before you start again after a long layoff, experts advise that you perform only a light set during your first workout. You can start performing a warm up and a moderately intense workout set during a subsequent workout. It will certainly take a longer time to recuperate between workouts if you become too sore from performing several sets and exercises. Your body is not a machine, it will take some time for your body to adapt with less chance of injury if your initial workout is quite brief, and the volume and intensity is gradually increased systematically. The good news is muscle memory. Your body will respond faster and you will regain all the gains you lost in a shorter amount of time.

Also: don’t overlook the cooling down procedure! After the intensity of the main workout we need an adjustement period. Body temperature has to decrease and waste products to be removed from the muscles.

After 5 minutes of relaxed jogging you can devote 5-10 minutes to active or passive static stretching exercises.

Cooling down is critical for a quicker recovery and should be adjusted to the main workout.

The second of my getting fit tips is also very simple. You have to sleep well. The body isn’t really building up that lovely new muscle when you exercise – the biggest recovery time is during sleep – and sleep is when that growth process principally takes place. Good, regular, sleep will ensure you get the most from any exercise that you do.

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