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Exercises for fitness level N3

Fitness level it is no hidden fact that everybody wants to achieve a fitter body – beautifully toned muscles and leaner muscular built. Fitness level aside from a balanced diet and adapting a healthier lifestyle, the key to achieve the dream of a physically fit body is through proper exercise.

Fitness level because a person’s physical fitness impacts his/her everyday activities, it is deemed best to consult a physician first before letting the body adjust to a fitness program. Fitness level focus is given to muscular strength, cardiovascular endurance, muscle endurance, and flexibility in every exercise program that will help anyone increase in his/her fitness level.

Persons who belong to the exercise fitness level N3 have definitely gone a long way compared to those beginner levels. The principles of warming up and stretching are used to improve joint flexibility. Fitness level stretching 5 times a week for 20 to 60 minutes will do wonders to increase flexibility. Also, repetitive movements of large muscle groups over an extended period of time are done to greatly improve cardiovascular endurance. Fitness level a 30 minute aerobic exercises done 4 to 5 times a week will do the trick. Fitness level an aerobically fit person has more endurance and can work at a higher intensity due to the proper functioning of the heart and lungs. Fitness level furthermore, cross training activities should be done to avoid injuries like shin splits, tendonitis, etc. Fitness level muscle strength can be boosted by doing a variety of lifting exercises. Completing 8 to 12 repetitions in a span of 20 to 30 minutes for 4 times a week is recommended by most experts. Fitness level the upper body and the lower must be targeted. Fitness level follow the recuperation principle by never working the same muscle group two days in a row. Muscle endurance, which is the ability of the muscle to repeat movements over a long time, will also improve.

The abdomen is the target of most exercises for this fitness level. Because the abdomen houses the pancreas, stomach, intestines, liver, gallbladder and other essential organs, overdoing abdominal exercises will cost a person his/her health. The exercise fitness level N3 programs can make anyone have a trimmer, firmer midsection. Fitness level more than that, there are more advantages of achieving trimmed abs such as maintaining proper posture, improving overall athletic performance and alleviating lower back problems.

Some of the best abdominal exercises are as follows:

Crunches – Lie on the floor and bend your knees with your feet flat on the surface. Then pull your weight up and forward by lifting your shoulders. Your neck and face must face the ceiling and your lower back must be kept pressed into the floor. Try to achieve 30 crunches while avoiding complete touch downs for doing so might lead to injuries.

Bicycle – With your lower back pressed against the floor, bend your knees and place your hands behind your head. Bring your right knee to a 45-degree angle and imitate a pedal motion as if riding on a bike. Your opposite elbow must touch your knee simultaneously to work on the abdomen. 50 counts are enough for this exercise.

Hip Tucks – With your feet a little more hip width apart in a standing position, contract and hold your abdominal muscles. Hips must tilt forward quickly as you squeeze your butt. 30 repetitions is recommended. Remember to keep your abs and butt muscles as tight as you can in the entire duration of the exercise.

You can see dramatic improvements in your body as you progress in the exercise fitness level N3 workouts. And with your body’s new found capacity to endure longer in doing exercises, it is only a matter of time when you will again be ready to push it to the limits.

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