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Fixing A Dry Mouth

Individual who agonize from dry mouth are suffering from reduced production of saliva in the mouth. The cause for this lessen productions of saliva in the mouth can be the lead of some problems. Some of the most common problems that cause people to have a dry mouth include: v Side effect of a specific medication v Side effect of specific diseases and/or infections v Side effect of certain medical treatments v Nerve damage v Dehydration v Removal of salivary glands v Lifestyle v Hormonal changes In order to fix dry mouth it is vital to examined the cause of dry mouth. If medication is causing the mouth to become dry it may be necessary for the doctor to change a prescription or change the dosage of a certain medication. When the medication does not seem to be the problem a doctor may prescribe a kind of medicine that stimulates the production of saliva and helps the salivary glands to work better. In some cases, the cause for a dry mouth is not yet discovered; therefore, it is hard to fix the problem completely. However, there are some recommendations that have shown adequate in bringing relief to people with a dry mouth. Some helpful tips include: v Sip on water or drink sugarless drinks v Stay hydrated v Stay away from caffeine drinks v Chew sugarless gum v Quit smoking v Stop drinking alcoholic drinks v Limit the intake of spicy and salty foods v Use a humidifier at night This is also essential to practice good oral care. Exercise proper oral hygiene helps to keep the mouth wet. Brushing and flossing helps to remove the food particles and the harmful odor causing bacteria that are within the mouth. These practices should become a part of a daily routine.

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