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Food To Eat When You Have Shingles

You may have to cope with quite a lot of discomfort when you have the condition known as shingles. The symptoms that develop quite often are not completely managed by the medication which is given. So many people will have to look for alternative ways of dealing with their condition. One of the ways in which people try to control the condition is by changing their diet. Here are just some of the good foods that may help people deal with shingles.


Quite often people with shingles will use oatmeal in order to help them deal with the condition. The oatmeal is not actually eaten but is rather made into a paste and then placed on the affected area. This paste will then have a soothing effect on any part of the body where there are blisters caused by the shingles.


Vitamin C is seen as something that can really help deal with the symptoms of shingles. You will find that both red and green peppers contain quite a bit of vitamin C so they should be added to your diet to ensure you are increasing your intake of this vitamin. Including more vitamin C in your diet will help your body to fight off the infection and can give the immune system a boost. Of course you can get Vitamin C from a lot of other things like fruit, but peppers are a particularly good source of it.


When it comes to dealing with pain one thing which is said to help is capsaicin and this is found in chilies. When your pain receptors are blocked, you feel less pain and that is how capsaicin works. It seems though that taking the capsaicin in food is not as effective as using a cream containing this chemical.

The foods above are just a few of the ones which might help when coping with shingles. However you will get better results if you use these treatments along with regular treatments that your doctor has provided. Shingles can make life uncomfortable for awhile so anything that can help with this has to be good.

When it comes to contracting an illness, one that people really do not want to get is shingles. Being a rather nasty illness to have, you would be well advised to find out as much as you can about shingles symptoms. If you do unfortunately find out you have the illness, it is time to look at treating shingles with good foods that may help with shingles.

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