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Get Rid of Cellulite – Only the Right Exercises Get Rid of Cellulite

Cellulite reduction is one of the most sought after beauty and body goals for women of all ages. Unfortunately its also one of the most dishonest segments of both the beauty and fitness industries – costing women billions of dollars every year – with no cellulite reduction results to show for their efforts or their money.

Here is a recent interview on the subject of cellulite reduction through properly targeted exercise, between two international fitness personalities:


Joey, one of the most common questions I’ve been asked over the years is:

“Is Cellulite a special kind of body fat”?

What’s the inside answer to that question?


Body fat is body fat – Doesn’t matter if it’s in your neck, your arms, your butt or your tummy. This issue has been laboritory tested several times – and every time the results prove that “cellulite” is plain old fat. But slick marketers have convinced many women otherwise. And by doing this – they are able to convince women with cellulite that the only possible way to get rid of cellulite is by applying some sort of localized cream or special massage technique – or something along those lines.

Joey, many folk fall victim to the fast easy fix “sales pitches” in regards to their “Cellulite”. What do you find is the biggest misconception about Cellulite Treatments – and their side effects?


The biggest misconception is that “they’re supposed to work” – and when they dont – the user thinks their genetics are the main reason for their ‘cellulite condition’…

Regarding side effects – there are so many gizmos, gimmicks and ‘magic’ creams – that they each present unique side effects… Best case scenario is you’ve wasted a lot of money and learned a very valuable lesson – and the worst case scenario is you’ve scarred yourself for life with a harsh skin treatment which leaves permanent damage.


What do you want to say to those ladies out there who have battled Cellulite and feel that their only option may be to have liposuction?


First and foremost – Lipo can only suck out fat – it can NOT suck out the dimpled skin…

Second – lipo can make a woman’s cellulite more pronounced – you’d be shocked to see how many women have experienced this. Not many of them are willing to step forward – because they are embarrassed.

Third – there’s only one proven way to get rid of the dimpled appearance of a woman’s trouble spots – and that’s by enhancing the muscle layers directly beneath the “cellulite” area.

Joey, why do you think that women who know that exercise and healthy eating will make a difference with cellulite give up and don’t always get the results they want?


A cellulite reduction exercise program is very different than a ‘general fitness’ program. So when a woman decides to ‘try exercise’ to get rid of her cellulite – most times she is put on a general fitness routine – which will not deliver the desired result.

Sure her general fitness will improve. But there will be things missing from her program that specifically target the cellulite zones in ways that stimulate those specific muscle layers to firm up and gently ‘push out’ against the outer layer of the skin. Without those elements – the dimpled skin doesn’t go away.

With specific exercises that target the muscle layers directly beneath the cellulite areas – the skin gets the tightly smoothed look.

How does a cellulite specific exercise program differ from other programs?

There are women who love how they look when fully dressed. They are very happy with their weight… BUT – they can’t stand the thought of seeing themself naked in the mirror – or being seen in public, in a bikini – or even making love with the lights on… All this type of woman wants is to get rid of the ‘cottage cheese’, ‘orange peel’ looking skin.

She doesn’t want to lose weight – maybe just firm and lift a bit… And she really doesn’t want a full blown ‘gym routine’… Ideally, all she wants is something that targets the issue of her cellulite and gets rid of it… That’s exactly what a cellulite targeted exercise program does. Her priority is cellulite removal – Not living a total lifestyle that revolves around the gym.

So the exercises have nothing to do with typical weights and machines – but rather, they consist of specific body movements, in a certain tempo and order.

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Guy Droog the founder of is a vivid body builder. He has done a research on how to get rid of cellulite. You know more about that in his website

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