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Get Ripped Abs with These 3 Simple Yoga Exercises

Abdominal training exercises are very important for physical fitness. One excellent way to target this region and develop it properly is by doing yoga.

Yoga specialists say that the area of the abdomen is ruled by the Solar Plexus Chakra. This Chakra is called Manipura in the Sanskrit. This Chakra is the one responsible for letting the energy to flow through the body. It is responsible for character strength and willpower also. It is one of the most important chakras in the body. The yoga exercises will help you a lot in many dimensions.

They will make your muscles more powerful and they will allow you to achieve a certain sense of balance. This Manipura Chakra allows you to easily develop strength and this article will give you some ideas on how to improve that.

  1. 1. Single Yoga Lifts with the Leg

Place your hands under your butt and lie on your back. The palms must be facing down and the hand must support the lower back part. At any time, if you experience pressure on the lower back, put more of your arms under the body so that you have more support. Then easily lift the legs on a 90 degree angle. Do this in a slow motion. Keep your knees as straight as you can.

The most important thing is that you inhale when you lift the leg up and also exhale when you bring it down. Try to repeat this easy test using the other leg too. Continue like this and lift the legs in an alternate fashion. You can do that for a minute and maximum 3 minutes. In between exercises take a break. Do not overdo the exercises because this is not what yoga is all about. Yoga is done steady, in a slow manner.

  1. 2. Double Leg Lifts

After doing the exercise with only one leg, you can take a break. After the break you can also start doing some new exercises with both legs. Try to keep your legs very straight. Put the hands under the butt and remember to always give support to the lower back.

  1. 3. Criss-Cross Moves of the Legs

These two exercises we just discussed will target the abs in the center. This exercise will train the oblique muscles that are on the abdominal side. So remain on the back and put the hands under the butt. Raise the legs about 18 inches in the air. Keep the toes pointing and criss cross the legs very fast. You will feel the muscles reacting to your movements and you will love it. It is a great exercise to train the abs and to get some powerful, toned ab muscles.


These are some of the best exercises that will allow you to tone up the abdominal muscles and also activate the Solar Plexus Chakra. Doing these exercises you will manage to stay in shape and also be healthy. The energy will flow through your body in a much regulated way and you will have a good state of the spirit.

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