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Getting More From Your Exercise Regime

Over the years I’ve tried many innovations in gym equipment, some have been great while others; not so good. I’ve always been into fitness and with the wide range of diets and gym equipment available it’s often nice to switch to a new regime once the benefits of the old one start to plateau.

This being the case I’ve recently started using a vibration trainer, until I read about it I, like many of my gym-mates thought it was just a glorified belt massager that your grandma used to use to jiggle the cellulite from her hips back in the ‘fifties. Turns out that they’re far more scientific than that. With modern vibration training you stand on or press the vibration plates which will oscillate and vibrate over three planes at up to 45Hz. This means that in order to maintain your stability while standing or pressing you have to make tiny adjustments to your position up to 45 times per second. Your response is involuntary contraction of the muscles which will give you tone without bulking up in the way you would using weights or resistance.

Because you’re not receiving any impact this exercise system is perfect for those of all abilities and any age. Almost any activity, from press-ups, sit-ups, squats or even burpees can be enhanced by using a vibrating plate rather than the floor.

The vibrating base doesn’t take away the need for effort, you can’t just stand on it and expect to tone up, what the vibration does is add to the effort you are making by making your body work harder than it would on the floor. This means that you will experience faster weight loss and toning, a reduction in cellulite with increased circulation and flexibility and because of the low impact nature of this equipment, you can still do gentle exercise and even a range of Pilates regimes while recovering from injury without fear of strain or exacerbation.

So, if you find that you don’t have as much time as you used to to work out or you want to see quicker results for the same amount of time in the gym try performing your usual routine on a vibrating plate machine; I was impressed.

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