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Gluten-Free Cosmetics

Following a gluten-free diet isn’t easy. It limits where you can shop for groceries and what products you can buy. Plus, you have to consider whether a restaurant can meet your dietary needs every time you go out to eat. When you go over to a friend’s house to eat, you’ll have to grill them about the ingredients they used. These challenges are something that people with gluten restrictions have to deal with every day.

Many people limited to a gluten-free diet suffer from celiac disease, which results from an allergy to gluten itself. After eating gluten, people with celiac disease can suffer from many negative effects on their health. While choosing the right foods to eat when it comes to keeping gluten out of your life, there is another area over which you can have complete control. Health and beauty products, though rarely recognized, are actually a threat for those with celiac disease. However, unlike foods, these products are always purchased by the consumer and are used at home, meaning that once the right products are found you can be sure that you are using safe materials.

Gluten can actually be an ingredient in some health and beauty products. Since many of the products in this category are used on a daily basis, it’s very important to find out if they contain gluten. The good thing is that, once you find the right products, it’s easy to control your gluten intake and exposure through health and beauty products. Department stores, drug stores and grocery stores all sell cosmetics. They are also available for purchase online. The availability of these products makes it easy to find gluten-free make-up which works for you. Mascara, blush, foundation and eye shadow are just a few examples of the many make-up items which need to be checked for gluten ingredients.

A gluten allergy is also cause for concern when it comes to choosing many other health and beauty products. The gluten-free restriction should also apply to face wash, shampoo, conditioner, body wash and anti-perspirant. There are seasonal items to consider as well, such as sunscreen and bug repellent. Toothpaste is another daily use item which needs to be checked carefully. Since these products can have gluten which is absorbed through the skin or may get near or into your mouth, it’s important to be very careful when checking your health and beauty items. After doing the research and finding gluten-free brands, start a list of the gluten-free beauty products that you want to keep using.

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