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Good Natural Hemorrhoids Treatment

Diet for avoiding constipation

Hemorrhoids can occur if your constipate rate increases. In order to prevent constipation, you must eat fiber-rich foods because such foods help your stools become soft and bulky. Your diet should contain beans, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, carrots, fresh fruits and vegetables, bran cereals, and whole grains. Non-fibrous items like wheat, cheese, sugar, ice cream, processed foods, and meat should be avoided.

Consuming more fruits and vegetables will strengthen the rectum arteries and prevent worsening of the hemorrhoids. Two important chemical compounds – Anthocyanidins and Pythochemicals – found in vegetables and fruits important for your diet to strengthen the walls of the blood vessels and veins.

Drink good amount of water

Constipation is the main cause for hemorrhoids and can be controlled by drinking plenty of water every day. The hemorrhoids will worsen if you eat chili peppers or consume alcohol.

Less acidic diet

Hemorrhoids can have itching effects if the acid level in your stools is high and hence you must reduce the acid content. This can be done by avoiding citrus fruits and its juices, soda, wine, and beer – all of these are highly acidic in nature. Coffee as well as caffeinated products will cause flatulence, reduction in the anal sphincter pressure and increase in sensitivity of the anal skin.

Herbal tea, supplements and medication

Herbal teas are most useful for increasing your metabolism; they remove the toxins in the body and also strengthen the arteries in the rectum. The herbal items – butcher’s broom, barberry, neem, horse chestnut extract, Slippery Elm, Psyllium, Witch Hazel and White Oak Bark – are the most popular ones. Herbs can be used on the affected areas directly. Use of Aloe Vera gel is popular for soothing and cooling effects.

Sitz bath

In order to improve the blood circulation and reduce the swelling and pain in the affected areas, you can take Sitz bath wherein you will sit in warm water covering hips and buttocks. In this treatment, the patient takes bath in warm water bathtub covering the buttocks and hips; this will increase the circulation of blood in that area thereby reducing the discomfort and swelling.

Exercise for breathing

Lie down facing the sky, breathe in and move your belly up; breathe out and lift your anus. Practice this exercise for 15 minutes, twice a day.

Regular exercises

Practicing regular workouts will improve the circulation of blood; this improves bowel clearance thereby avoiding hemorrhoids. Obesity causes hemorrhoids development and you can prevent this by regular workouts.

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