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Gout Diagnosis and Treatment

Gout is the most painful form of arthritis. Gout can be controlled and prevented. Gout can be controlled by diet, taking fluids especially water and doing proper exercise.

Gout is mainly due to deposition of uric acid at the tissues and joints which forms crystals there. Obesity is also the cause of gout. Gout suffering people need to control their weight.

Purine break down to form uric acid in the body. The diet of a gout patient should be low in purines. Examples of food rich in purine are sea food, kidneys, liver. Fast foods also should be avoided because as it is rich in fat and cholesterol content.

examples of foods which avoid gout are fresh fruits and vegetables. Cherries and berries are known to avoid gout. Foods which are rich in purine content can also avoid gout.

Gout is quite partial with gender. Men are more victims of gout as compared to women. Men in the age group of 30 to 60 are more victims of gout. To women it is after menopause. Gout diagnosis is difficult as some times people with high uric acid levels show no signs of gout but on other hand people with less uric acid levels some times show high signs of gout.

To diagnose gout the lubricant fluid present in the joint is taken and observed under microscope to see whether there are crystals of uric acid in it.

Drinking lot of water is essential to prevent gout. As water makes proper function of the body. Uric acid is dissolved in the water and is thrown out of the body through urine. Water also eases the pain at the joint.

Exercise if essential for everyone. Doing exercise improves the blood circulation and increases the synovial fluid content in the body.

Big toe is the main target of gout, apart from it the other joints which are affected with gout are wrist, ankles, heels and fingers. Gout if left ignored leads to severe complications like poly articular gout, kidney stone and kidney damage.

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