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Green Cleaning Products Should Be Healthier

So we all want a clean home and to kill as many germs as possible so our families stay healthy. But did you know that there are 17,000 petrochemicals that companies can use to manufacture cleaning products? And of the 17,000 only 30 percent have been tested for human health and how they impact the environment. When shopping for cleaning products do you check the label for the ingredients? Well you might not want to waste your time because the companies that are producing the cleaning products do not have to list the ingredients then we will not know what we are exposing ourselves to.

Did you know that these chemicals could be reproductive toxins, carcinogens and endocrine disrupting chemicals? Some of the ingredients that are major health issues are Ethoxylated nonyl phenols, Methylene chloride, Naphthalene, Silica, Toluene, Trisodium nitrilotriacetate, Xylene, Sodium hypochlorite, Phosphates and Ammonia. So it is hard to make a well informed decision when there are not any labeling requirements for the cleaning products. Cleaning your house is about removing dirt, germs and stains for the health benefits of those that live there. Chemicals may make cleaning easier, but now your home has harmful chemicals instead of just the dirt. So what should you do?

In my research, I found that some green cleaning products list their ingredients while others do not display their ingredients, but their websites may have something like our product ingredients include “purified water, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and other ingredients derived from leafy green vegetables, edible seeds and seed-bearing plants”. So why don’t they just say which amino acids or leafy green vegetables are in their products? Or on the labeling of the product it lets you know what ingredients are not in the product, such as, NO Harsh Chemicals, NO Dyes or Colors, NO Artificial Ingredients, NO Perfumes or Fragrances, NO Chemical Residue, NO Animal Testing, NO Peroxide, NO Ammonia and NO Bleach. I understand that it is not required to put the ingredients on the label, but I always think that they must have something to hide. So I think it would be much safer to purchase a product that has some ingredient information on their product or website than the alternative of no ingredients listed anywhere. Also you will have to pay more for a green cleaning product, but then you can not put a price on being healthy.

Or you could just make your own products and then you know exactly what is in the product. There are tons of cleaning product recipes online that cover general cleaning, degreaser, carpet cleaning, tough stains and etc. Just some of the basic ingredients for making your own products are borax, baking soda, white vinegar, lemon juice, pure soap, tea tree oil, isopropyl alcohol, cornstarch and essential oils. Also Alka Seltzer is great for unclogging sinks, cleaning your toilet bowl and even whitens your clothes. Protect your home and family by choosing to buy green cleaning products or make your own products.

One other thing to think about when it comes to having a clean home, leave your shoes at the door. Why, because your shoes have oil, animal waste, food, human spit, cigarette ashes, pollens and who knows what else you have stepped in during the day. Just think about the child on the floor playing and how about when you are walking bare footed in the house and then climb into bed. What do you think just climbed in bed with you? Removing your shoes at the door will also mean less cleaning for you because you and your family are not tracking in the dirt, it is left at the door and not contaminating your home. Keep a clean home, be healthy and go green.

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