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Green Nutrition Supplements – A Natural Way to Good Health

Look around and you will find most of the parks getting crowded with early morning joggers of all shapes, ages, and sizes. It is a happy thing to notice this change of attitude towards keeping good personal health. As much as people are flocking to the gym these days, there is also a noticeable shift in eating habits and junk food behavior too. In a world where fashion magazines rather than health magazines decide what the food fads should be or how much you get noticed for what you eat, life is more times dictated by fashion rather than fact.

One latest fad is about going green, or becoming a vegetable eater in its base uncooked form and being called a ‘vegan’. Thank God it happened! Paul McCartney of the Beatles is hooked to vegan-ism; so is Alannis Morriset and Alicia Silverstone, and a hundred other stars who have discovered the positive health benefits of being a vegetarian. It is no wonder why they look the way they look. Their youthfulness and the healthy glow of good life on their skin are generated by the healthy food they eat and not always by cosmetics. Many of them are beginning to try veganism because these celebrities who tried and lost a few kilos have become brand ambassadors of going green, gulping in all those raw green recipes and earning the associated weight loss benefits. Lately all good hotels and restaurants have green food recipes and green smoothies in their menu right from breakfast, and are doing good business too, since the idea seems to be gaining ground rapidly. So too is the concept of green nutrition supplements.

With organic farming gaining attention worldwide, farmers are going green, dumping their farms with organic manure to raise organic crops and feed the ever increasing clientele of green consumers. The health benefits of going green are visible and effective enough to be marketed, accepted, and practiced for those who are within reach of such of fresh organic farm produce with privileges not all can expect to enjoy. However, there are options for those who would still like to enjoy greens in their diet – one way to go about this, if you are interested in home gardening, is to set up your own kitchen garden, organic, of course. For others, there are there are over the counter green nutrition supplements. There are some brands whose concentration are higher than the others and be advised to go for the green nutrition supplements with the best concentration, even if they are priced a bit higher than the other. Green nutrition supplements are available as pure extracts or as mixed formulae, with multiple ingredients and benefits. Most green nutrition supplements contain a high percentage of chlorophyll, a major constituent of all green leafy vegetables, if consumed in the right quantities daily is said to cure liver disorders, intestinal ulcers, eczema, asthma and constipation. Brindle berry concentrates are used in the treatment of rheumatism, edema, constipation, and intestinal disorders. Almost all green foods from green tea to saffron are available as extracts in the market and some roots too. Nutrient deficiencies can cause a whole lot of health complications, and to compensate the loss we might not be in a position to take huge quantities of a single herb or greens. Green food supplements can help overcome health defects caused by the lack of them in your daily food.

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