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Halitosis Treatment Tips And Advice

Bad breath or halitosis is a condition we will all endure at some point in time. A number of individuals suffer more frequently from this problem than others. Bacteria and decaying food particles are two major causes of mouth odor. The mouth provides many small areas that contain these elements. Routine brushing and flossing will assist in removing the cause of bad breath. Mouthwash and mints may be an immediate fix, but do not cure the problem.

Your tongue is one of the trouble areas. One of the trouble areas for bad breath is your tongue. Brushing your teeth should be followed up with a good tongue cleaning. Use the edge of a spoon, a scraper specially made for this job or simply your toothbrush to reach the entire surface. You should especially clean that part closest to the tonsils. The part of your tongue closest to the tonsils is an important area. Orthodontic and preventative appliances worn within the mouth should be thoroughly sanitized.

Bad breath is worse in the morning due to a dry mouth. When you wake in the morning, bad breath is the worse due to dry mouth. While you sleep, saliva production slows down allowing odors and germs to linger. A good stimulant for this production is chewing sugarless gum. A good stimulant is chewing sugarless gum. Saliva levels increase as you chew more and more. Some gums are made with the sweetener xylitol that helps prevent bacteria build up. Drinking water is good for washing out your mouth, but it will not increase saliva. Breath mints temporarily take away odor, but do not rid you of the cause.

Halitosis may be a symptom of a physical illness. If bad breath persists even with good oral hygiene, you should contact a physician. This could be a sign of something simple like postnasal drip or a more severe condition such as kidney disease. Halitosis can also be caused by medications prescribed for other ailments that tend to dry out the mouth. Notify your doctor immediately when you become aware of this problem.

Another form of the medicine may need prescribed. Individuals should always be aware of any changes and bad breath must be treated seriously.

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