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Have Humidifiers At Home If You Are Asthmatic

Hundreds of people around the World have said that humidifiers or Luftbefeuchter in German are handy for people who suffer from Asthma as they open the airways and helps them breathe easily. Asthma is an everyday inflammatory disease which creates symtons like shortness of breathe, wheezing, cough and chest tightness. In the recent survey done online many people suffering from asthma have said that humidifiers have helped them breathe easily.

It was also figured from the survey that more asthmatic patients use warm humidifiers. A medicated inhalant can also be added to the steam vapour to help reduce coughs and help them breathe easily. Steam humidifiers (warm humidifiers) are less likely to pass on microorganims from the standing water than cool humidifiers. Compare to the noise warm humidifiers are quieter than the cool humidifiers.

In my house I have couple of warm humidifiers installed as I suffer from asthma too. In the winter I really used to suffer badly inside my house, unable to breathe properly and also skin irritation. Since I installed the humidifiers I have been breathing easily and no irritation has occured in my skin. To be honest my cousin has noticed this change as well as me because he suffers from asthma too.

Now he plans to installed couple of humidifiers in his own house. I had cool humidifiers in my house before warm but the noise was just too loudy for me so I had it removed and replaced with warm humidifiers. From my experience I can tell you that it has helped me breathe easily.

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