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Health Benefits of Chicken

Some people can imagine chicken delicious only when it’s fried. Granted one has to admit that it really does indeed taste great when cooked like that, but is it healthy? And if it is not healthy, is there another way to prepare chicken quick and easy which not only will taste great but also provide a much healthier option for those on a diet or who simply wish to watch what they and their families eat.

To bake chicken we need either a whole chicken or 6 chicken breast pieces. Wash the dressed chicken thoroughly and coat with olive oil. Sprinkle enough salt and pepper to taste. If we want, we may put some marinade mix, like a concoction of rosemary herbs, thyme or oregano, dried or fresh. For simple marinade, try soy sauce and lemon. As we’re doing these, pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees.

Chicken is a low fat protein to begin with, and it is easy to find new and unique ways to prepare a low fat chicken recipe. You can even use some of your favorite traditional recipes for chicken and make them over into a low fat chicken recipe.

Another benefit of low fat living and eating a low fat chicken recipe is that you will lose weight as a result. You will be amazed at how the pounds melt off your body when you begin to eat low fat chicken recipe as well as a host of other low fat foods. Changing eating habits can sometimes be tough, but when you find great low fat chicken recipe, it doesn’t have to painful at all.

Pastured poultry are chickens (and other birds like ducks and geese) that are raised in bottomless cages on grass where they peck and scratch at the ground and hunt for bugs and seeds along with their grain. Their manure is spread over wide areas of pasture as they are moved. This is better for the birds and the soil.

Sometimes they are mistakenly called free range chickens. Free range chickens are still kept in confinement, they are just allowed to “free range” inside their buildings. From egg to plastic wrapped drumsticks, commercial poultry are housed in closed confinement, their feet always in their own manure and do not get the benefits of fresh air and sunshine on pasture.

Benefits of eating pastured poultry

  • Clean meat. Commercial poultry is washed with heavily chlorinated water and leaves a residue on the meat. This is why Russia and the European Union will not buy poultry products from most U.S. processors.
  • The chickens are healthier which translates into healthier meat. As far back as the 1930’s it has been known that confinement and grain only sharply reduces the health of the chicken, resulting in no eggs or dead chicks. When put on pasture to eat bugs and seeds and allowed to roam, in addition to the grain, the chickens had normal eggs and the chicks thrived.
  • Balancing the essential fats in your diet is easy with pastured poultry because it has more Omega-3’s than commercial chicken meat.
  • Pastured poultry meat has more vitamins E, C and beta-carotene.
  • They are hormone, antibiotic and drug free.
  • They are arsenic free. Commercial poultry are fed trace amounts of arsenic in their feed. This is a poison that stimulates their appetites. Traces of arsenic can be found in the meat.
  • The meat is tastier. Just ask chefs of high end restaurants. They will pay more for pastured chicken and other meats because they enjoy cooking with it and have a high demand for it.
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