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Health Benefits of Pumpkin

Pumpkins provide excellent nutrition especially pumpkin seeds which contains essential fatty acids, proteins, vitamin B and zinc. The actual flesh of the pumpkin contains Vitamin A and C, Calcium, Thiamine, Phosphorous and Potassium. Pumpkin keeps your whole body healthy by building your immunity. Eating pumpkins help to keep the skin and eyes healthy, plus there is a lot of dietary fiber in Pumpkin.

Pumpkin is one of the most nutritionally valuable foods known to man. Moreover, it’s inexpensive, available year round in canned form, incredibly easy to incorporate into recipes, high in fiber, low in calories, and packs an abundance of disease fighting nutrients.

Naturally when one thinks of Halloween you think of pumpkins. At this time of year we see pumpkins on every block and street corner. They are the season. Most people are not aware of the many nutritional benefits of pumpkin. They are extremely high in antioxidants and beta-carotene. Beta-carotene has been identified as a leading heart-disease and cancer fighter.

Pumpkins belong to the gourd family. Pumpkins, along with cantaloupe and squash, contain an ingredient called cucurbitacin. This powerful substance has been shown to help prevent or inhibit prostate cancer from growing. In addition, it is linked to prevention of urinary tract infections and other bladder problems like incontinence.

Pumpkin seeds benefits are many, amongst other things they are a very good source of the minerals phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, amino acids and zinc. Eating seeds will improve your nutrition. Seeds are also a good source of other minerals including zinc, iron and copper and a good source of protein Vitamin C and other nutrients, such as Niacin, Vitamin E, and vitamin K, Calcium, Iron and other vitamins, and are even said to lower cholesterol, improve bladder function, ease depression and prevent kidney stones.

Pumpkins are not just for making pumpkin pies and carving into scary faces at Halloween. In fact, there are lots of savory pumpkin recipes including classic pumpkin soup, pumpkin stew and you can even use this tasty squash family vegetable in salad recipes.

Pumpkin seeds have been found to help prevent against prostate gland enlargement due to the chemical substances called cucurbitacins it contains. The essential fatty acids in pumpkin seeds are also necessary for prostate health, and zinc (which pumpkin seeds are especially high in) is great for the reproductive systems and has been shown to reduce prostate size.

Pumpkins seeds also contain phyto-sterols, essential fatty acids (EFAs). These EFAs have many benefits that protect blood vessels, nerves, protect all tissue, including the skin, and they can help reduce cholesterol levels in the blood. The pumpkin seeds are high in protein, one ounce of seeds provides about seven grams of protein.

Pumpkin seeds can be eaten raw or cooked. When eaten as snacks of about 1/4 or 1/2 cup, it can deliver the goodness as mentioned above. Pumpkin seeds as synonymous to good health so make it a part of your regular diet by keeping some in the fridge in a tightly sealed container.

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