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Health Products using Hemp

Hemp oil is one of the most beneficial substances known. The versatility is one of the major facts on why it is popular. Hemp oil Is made of the hemp seeds. Hemp seeds are considered as fruits. The high content of essential fatty acids in the seeds makes them highly beneficial. It has a different ratio of omega2, omega6 and gamma linolenic acid. The ratio present is 2:5:1.

This is considered one of the best concerning skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema and acne. The benefits offered by the oil include natural skin care, softer skin, thicker, smoother hair and stronger nails just after using it for a few weeks. The oil is 19% omega3 and 57% omega6. EFA’s are known as building blocks of fatty acids called docosahexaenoic acid and eicosapentaenoic which are important to the health benefits of this oil. Alongside the hemp healing properties, it is also beneficial to each cell in the human body and is well accepted as beneficial in eliminating and treating the degenerative diseases like cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Hemp oil is the only known food oil that has omega3, omega6 and GLA in it. The GLA content in the oil means that it is an opponent to the flazx seed oil as well as Evening Primrose Oil as GLA is the major EFA that is supposed to relieve symptoms of the pre-menstrual tension.

Hemp oil can also be the ideal supplement for those people who are concerned about taking the reported contamination of the fish in the fish supplements. The rumor states that fishes are contaminated with toxins like mercury. The pregnant women who are trying to reduce the fish intake can still maintain the required levels of EFAs with the help of hemp oil.

Hemp Seeds

The desired level of EFAs can also be maintained by eating the hemp seeds. they also have a high protien content. Hemp seeds also have good fiber content in it. It is also rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin E, essential amino acids and chlorophyll.

Another benefit is they do not put genetic modifecations in them. Most of the other sources of antioxidants and protein scores low in this area. There are no pesticides or chemicals required for the proper growth of the plant too. And there are no waste product from the hemp plant, all of them can be used for commercial purposes.

Preparation of Hemp Oil

Like all of the other fatty acids, hemp oil is damaged by light and heat. The oil can be extracted from hemp seed by slow rotating presses. The press squeezes out the oil from seeds and leaves leaving behind only the ‘seed-cake’. Oxygen free environment is maintained for extracting the oil from the seeds as exposure to oxygen will drastically decrease the quality of the oil.

There are many people having the idea that the use of hemp oil is illegal. this misconception often arises because it comes from the “pot” plant. This plant is often linked to marijuana, a psychoactive substance. However, there is nothing illegal in the use of hemp products and is extremely beneficial

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