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Healthy Aging – Increase Your Lung Power!

More and more people are starting to educate themselves when it comes to keeping themselves healthy – whether it is emotional, physical, mental, or spiritual. We are at this age where we truly recognize the importance and value of knowledge. Getting the right information, and knowing how to use them properly, guides us in achieving our goals.

Aging has always been one of the most common problems discussed. Unfortunately, some discoveries regarding aging have not been properly introduced in commercial medical practices.

By definition, in medical terms, aging is considered to be the body’s biological decline over a period of time. A lot factors contribute to this natural transition, one of the most common is stress. The main idea in aging is that our body loses the ability to effectively deal with the damaged cells and regeneration of new cells becomes slower – unable to keep up.

Our lungs provide an important role in the process of metabolism. The basic function of the lungs is to transport oxygen from the atmosphere into our bloodstream. A sufficient supply of oxygen in our body gives the right amount of energy our body needs to do certain tasks. This is essential, especially on strenuous tasks such as lifting heavy weights, or doing exercise. Prolonged stress triggers our body to use the reserve capacity of our lungs which can weaken this very important organ. This is why during stressful situations like emotional or traumatic experiences, we often have trouble breathing.

Unfortunately, exercises that are being advised by doctors or fitness trainers are developed to increase the function of the heart but do nothing for our lungs – it only makes it weaker. Cardio exercises which are usually done with less exertion over a long period of time can only wear and tear your muscle tissues and use up your lung’s reserve capacity.

Many scientific discoveries can show us that the key to a healthy and stable aging is to provide better care of our lungs. Certain exercises have been developed that focus more on improving the capacity of our lungs. The objective of these workouts is to give the sufficient amount of rest the lungs and the body needs during the actual workouts. Rest is essential when pressure is applied.

The ideal exercise is for you to do a couple of minutes (depending on how much your body can take) of workout and take the necessary amount of rest to get your energy back – then do it over again. A few minutes of this routine a day can start your way into that healthy and stronger body you have always wanted.

We often forget that before technology, our ancestors did not have fitness trainings and yet they are so much stronger than how we are right now. Their lives were simple – whenever they do a hard work, they take a rest, then start working again. The answer we need is not that complicated either.

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