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Healthy Cooking Methods For The Whole Family Healthy Meals

An individual who cares a lot about his health will certainly do these three major things to help them stay healthy that is to say by avoiding smoking, exercising in a regular basis and eating healthy meals. However, in our recent times, it seems to be difficult to keep us eating healthy meals due to many reasons. More and more people today are very busy with their jobs and careers especially for working mothers that they do not have much time to prepare healthy meals for her family at home.

Fast food is the best choice for such people. However, fast food is definitely not a good choice especially for your children since it contains high saturated fat, sugar, sodium, fat, salt as well as calories. So, what a mother should do to prepare healthy meals for her family, especially the children and stay out of the junk in the store? Well, it may need your extra effort to do that since it is not going to be easy for you to start. However, you can start by learning to cook simple recipes with the healthy way of cooking to provide your whole family with fresh and healthy meals.

For your family especially your children’s best healthy meals, here are several ways on how to cook your food healthily such as broiling, baking, barbequing or stewing to avoid adding a lot of fat into your meals.

Here is a brief explanation on healthy methods to cook your healthy meals:

– Broiling or grilling: put your food on a rack. Cook under or over direct heat. This will drain the fat.

– Baking: simply bake the food in a covered container. Adding some liquid instead of fat before cooking would be batter.

– Microwave cooking: this cooking method is a simple and fast way of cooking. Since it easily produces moisture, you do not have to add more oils or fat on the particular food. Draining the fat from the food could be done by putting your food between two paper towels.

– Roasting: this cooking method will take you some time since it is a slow and dry heating cooking method.

– Steaming: the best way to keep the natural color, flavor and nutrients of your food to cook.

– Cook in an open frying pan or skillet by adding a small amount of fat over high temperatures.

– Stewing or braising: a slow method of cooking especially to make tough cuts of meat become tender. Simply tan meat on each side with a small amount of regular vegetable oil or vegetable oil cooking spray then stir fry.

According to experts, the key is to consume a healthy diet with balanced nutrition. Also, do not forget, we may take a variety of foods not only contain many calories but rich in nutrients.

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