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Healthy Food Gives Long Life

Food is a source of nourishment gives energy and builds tissues of body. And the healthy food is the one which gives you better nourishment along with good energy that helps to build the tissues of body and be healthy. In the modern human being’s hurried life it is important that one should have proper and planed diet to maintain his health. Proper diet means in which one can get an appropriate amount of all those nutrients which a human body needs for healthy growth and work. Healthy foods are many from which one can get a proper amount of nutrients; there are verities of natural as well as man made foods that give you the best amount of needed nutrients. Medically speaking nutrient is a chemical and substance that human body needs to grow properly, to build and repair the tissues, to give needed heat and energy to body, and to maintain the regular work of human body. Organic nutrients include carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, water and mineral also considered nutrients. Nutrients that need in bulk quantity called macronutrients and those that are needed in less quantity called micronutrients.

One should use the above mentioned foods in groups, like he can use vegetable along with dairy products in one group and meet with poultry in another; this is what we call a proper diet program or plan. Each nutrient that healthy food provides has its own particular functions in human body, for instance protein is needed for growth and repair of body, and fats are used to generate proper heat and energy needed to body along with the cell formation. So every nutrient is important for being healthy.

There is a proverb, prevention is better then cures, and healthy diet prevents you from many diseases like obesity, blood pressure, diabetes, cancer and many others. Unhealthy diet is the major factor for many serious diseases as mentioned above. So it is better to have a planned and healthy diet and prevent yourself from many serious diseases which need serious medication. Diet is important also for those who are going through from ailments, proper food can make them prone towards getting better and gaining their health back rapidly. Good and healthy food helps you to counter the deficiencies like blood deficiencies. But having a proper healthy diet is important that gives you the needed quantity of nutrients rather then increasing or decreasing the ratio. With the evolution of web and extensive research and development work in the field of medical makes it simple to educate people about what is the proper and healthy diet, what are nutrients and in what quantity human body need these nutrients, and what kind of diseases one can face after having unbalanced and unhealthy food. Many medical health and care companies, research and development related people and organizations are committed to provide you knowledge regarding proper and healthy diet, many also guide you personally online about what kind of food is best for your body and what kind of diet and healthy food plan you can fallow.

At very conclusion it is not wrong to say that healthy food not only keeps you healthy but also helps you to cure many irregularities and deficiencies of body. Unhealthy food no doubt leads you towards diseases, like if someone is having too much fat in his food, this excess of fat can easily cause obesity, high blood pressure and heart diseases. And one should have and idea before taking unhealthy food that what kind of treatment he may go through after these diseases take over him seriously like Liposuctions, and Cardiac surgeries. So as they said; prevention is better than cure that is why every one should be careful before taking food. Healthy and proper food makes you healthy and active and decreases the chances of getting ill.

About Author is a try to keep in touch with food and fitness, how to cook food which is tasty, rather 2tasy and healthy as well. Healthy means, which is not fattening and has ample nutritious value.

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