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Healthy Spine Facts And Basic Knowledge

Picture the pelvis as your foundation. Other structures like the muscles of the spine and the back will have to work double time if the foundation is unstable. Unfortunately, this job was not designed for them.
Learning how to keep the spine neutral is the beginning of spine stabilization, and this is important when you perform stabilization exercises. But keep in mind that neutral doesn’t mean straight. It means presenting and allowing the natural curves of the spine. The spine being allowed to function is imperative. Strengthening the core is the next step once you’ve managed to maintain neutral spine. You must also control the pelvis if you want to control the spine, so you need to be taught proper stabilization of the pelvis and lower abdominal re-training. Not only is it where the spine is attached, but the pelvis is also the foundation of the body. Remember that when the foundation is off, the other structures will suffer and take the slack. Lack of spinal control is the result of lack of pelvic control.

The question is, how can your pelvis be controlled? Engage your lower abdominal wall and oblique muscles in certain exercises, specifically exercises that aim in strengthening the core. How is this possible? Definitely not by crunches and sit ups. The saying that leg raises and crunches will strengthen abs is just a myth. Actually, they can cause back issues and make it worse because of the increased pressures and stresses on the disks.

It’s important to begin at the foundation or core, which is lower abdominal training. When you train the lower abdominal wall, use proper abdominal firing so that less stress will be placed on vertebral disks and activate the movement system. With this, there’s correct muscle activation and proper movement patterns as well as less stress to tissues.

With core training, you need to involve Abdominal Bracing or proper lower abdominal contraction. During firing of the abdominal wall, deactivate hip flexors and keep your upper body and legs relaxed. Learning the concept of spine stabilization with neutral spine will lead you to have knowledge on how to maintain and work within the coordinated spinal mechanics.

About the author: Michael Chatman is a freelance writer and publishes his expertise in reclaim ppi and claim back payment protection.

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