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Healthy Tips From Footballers

We all wonder how is it that all sports men stay fit and healthy for so many years even after they retire. We are always questioning what do they eat? Are they allowed to drink beer? They workout on a regular basis. But from the recent questions asked to the players the only thing that every one of them has said is swimming. Hence I recently bought swimming pools & automatic pool cleaners because I seriously can’t be asked to clean it manually every month.

Few friends of mine are in the journalism business and when there is a big football or tennis tournament they go around and write stuff about the tournament. In the recent Wimbledon tournament they asked questions on dietery and fitness plans to few tennis players. Most of them recommend swimming in their daily time. They also goto to the gym to increase their strenght but most of the time they swim as it is a full body workout and also improves heart and lung functions.

My other friend was lucky enough to goto South Africa for the World cup and interviewed some footballers. I know lucky git isn’t he. Regarding the fitness the football players gave similar sort of answers as tennis players which included swimming. Most sportsmen have indoor swimming pool in their property so they can enjoy swimming any time and whenever they feel. They also said that say pool cleaning is one of the hardest thing ever. And They have no clue about swimming pool filters and swimming chemicals and that is the reason why they have hired someone to clean their pool every few weeks. If I earned like what they are I would have two cleaners :op.

There you are now you know there is nothing special going on in sportsmen life though they do have a healthy eating regime than most of us.

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