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Hepatitis A: The Liver Killer

Diseases that have an impact on the liver are some of the most feared diseases. You can find the liver’s location in the upper right portion of your belly. The liver may not receive as much attention as the heart or the other organs but we must not forget that it performs vital body processes too. Without the liver functioning in top form, our body will succumb to easy infections and even death.

Despite the delicate functions of the liver, they are not given enough importance. To prove this point, one of the top communicable diseases of all time is a liver disorder. Hepatitis A ranks as one of the top killer disorders affecting the liver.

Why is Hepatitis A a top liver disorder?

Hepatitis A belongs to a family of diseases under the hepatitis category. The several subtypes of hepatitis are bound by a common viral agent and target organ of destruction. However, the hepatitis A differs from others in its group on the primary mode of transmission and the severity of disease symptoms. Hepatitis main mode of travel and transmission is through unsanitary practices. When compared to the other hepatitis subtypes, hepatitis A is the least severe. Hepatitis A produces symptoms but they are less severe than the other types. Hepatitis A may be considered less severe but the possibility of a repeat infection and the damage it does to the liver is extensive. The reinfection and damage to the liver could build up to a more serious disease. These recurring infections would make the liver less capable in its work. When this essential organ malfunctions, the entire body will suffer.

If Hepatitis A is prevalent in an area, what does that mean?

A place where hepatitis A cases abound is reflective of the place’s problem on sanitation. One must look into the possibility of improper practices on a place’s sewerage and other sanitation procedures. It was believed that hepatitis A would occur on underdeveloped places and those without proper sanitation. Having Hepatitis A cases in a place with a high degree of sanitation is ironic and points to a potential problem.

What can we do to help prevent the spread of Hepatitis A, is there a Hepatits A treatment?

We should all start with understanding what hepatitis is and how it affects the body. When we know that hepatitis A is quickly spread in a dirty environment, we can take the needed steps to control or stop it. Understanding Hepatitis A should lead people to act and be more strict in implementing cleanliness. Even simple measures like hand washing could help a lot.

The communicable nature of hepatitis A and its potential for liver damage makes it a liver killer. Despite these characteristics of Hepatitis A, winning the fight against it is not impossible. Enforcing strict hygiene measures on everyday tasks like coking foods can help in fending off hepatitis A. People need not be scared of this liver killer because it can be controlled if people follow good sanitation practices.

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