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How can I mend dried up mouth?

Fixing a dry mouth is easy once the cause for the dry mouth is determined; however, in some cases a dry mouth cannot be avoided. Since there are a lot of reason that can contribute to a dry mouth it is important to look into every aspect to make sure that a timely diagnosis is made. Most of the patients who are on prescription medications are sufferers of a dry mouth. The dry mouth is either being caused by the medication itself interacting with another medication, the side affect of one medication, or the incorrect dosage of a prescribed medication. The doctor should be made aware of all medications being used so that the medication itself can be changed or the dosage can be changed. If the salivary glands are not working properly or not giving out enough saliva to their full capacity it will cause a person to endure a dry mouth. In this juncture a doctor can give a certain medication that helps to support the stream of saliva in the mouth. If the dry mouth doesn’t come out to be medical associated it is essential to look at way of life, habits and lifestyle changes. What we put in our mouth can cause a dry mouth. Consuming salty and spicy foods can contribute to a dry mouth; therefore, avoid an abundance of these foods. High sugar content drinks and those that have caffeine in them can also be a reason for the mouth to become dry; therefore, it is imperative to take a lot of water in order to keep the mouth and the body hydrated. Chew sugarless gum and suck on sugarless candy as this also helps to keep the mouth moist. As much as possible, avoid the use of alcohol and tobacco products as they are large contributors to dry out the mouth. They also dehydrate the body of moisture as well as saliva. A hygienic oral practice can prevent dry mouth and help in curing existing problems with it. Good oral hygiene is not only essential to preventing all of the other oral troubles and problems, but it also can eradicate dry mouth problems by keeping the mouth hydrated. In addition, good oral care and natural remedies for dry mouth washes out the bacteria in the mouth that can be a reason further mouth problem.

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