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How Much Will I Earn Becoming a MMA Instructor?

Generally many martial artist and MMA aspirants wish to start a career as an instructor and dream of managing or even having their own school one day. So what is the truth behind becoming an instructor; how much one can actually expect to earn and what will be his actual role as an instructor? It is not just a fun or pastime teaching a few classes a day and making a fat salary, this is going to be a really serious check for you! Is it possible? Yes, but it’s not going to be a smooth sailing unless you are already a UFC legend.

It is not a tough task to join a school as an instructor because most schools require pretty basic qualification for this post. Normally, you just have to be really good at your chosen style or styles. But that is not all which is required to become a successful instructor. Besides just being good at practicing your chosen form of martial arts or warfare, you are also expected to become good at teaching these skills to others. So what does an MMA or martial arts instructor really do all day? It may appear that they are having easy going life but the reality is that they probably are working 6 days a week and are putting in some serious hours. As an instructor, you are also expected to develop some sales skill. Besides spending your time in giving actual training to your students, you may also be required to go out in the community and promote the school, find new students, and do various other marketing tasks. If you are a new instructor in a small school, you may also be expected to handle the administrative and normal office work.

According to statistics, which gives details of average salaries throughout the US. The figures indicate ‘Fitness Instructor’ makes around $66,000 per year including all benefits and bonuses. This sounds attractive, but actually this definition is for someone who acts as a manager and runs all aspects of the facility. At some of the franchises and nationwide schools you may be offered a minimum starting wage. In addition you will be offered commissions based on the students you enroll in the school and may enjoy bonuses varying on the overall school performance and profitability. Altogether, it could add up to a decent income, but will require a strong will for you to get in a roll and build a steady pipeline of new students. Obviously the bigger money is in managing a school or having one of your own.

This article is not to discourage anyone. It is designed to give you a broad perspective and a real worldwide view of what to expect when you plan to start. Of course there are plenty of opportunities to make big money as you develop your skills and to have the freedom to work your own schedule and has more entrepreneurial and love the idea of being able to create your own program and branding.

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