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How Teeth Whitening Kits Have Improved

The New Teeth Whitening Kits

During the nineties people were introduced to the idea of whitening their teeth at home using a kit purchased from the local store. These teeth whitening kits were a bit bulky and very time consuming. Teeth bleaching needed a concentrated effort and had some nasty side effects that made many forgo their desire of having pearly white teeth.

The first kits that were available for the general public to buy were very basic. What you got would be a plastic cup and a quantity of gel. You would have to boil the cup, and then mold it to the shape of your mouth. At bedtime you would fill the cup with the correct quantity of gel, place it in your mouth and sleep with it in. The gel worked on your teeth to whiten them overnight. What could be simpler than that?

So what was the problem with the early tooth whitening kits? Well basic science can help answer that. The bleaching effects of the gel would diminish after an hour or two. Health problems were also attributed to these kits. The gel was found to cause throat irritations and increase gum sensitivity. People felt that they could not justify the effort in using these kits for minimal results.

After realizing that these kits were not very effective, scientists devised new kits that so that they would only need to be worn for a shorter amount of time. Today’s kits contain a greater concentration of the agent that is used in tooth bleaching. Most of the kits now contain strips that are worn for a very short time.

These kits have certainly come a long way from the complicated teeth whitening systems that took all night to work. They have even dropped dramatically in price. The strips and an effective toothpaste can now be commonly found in many bathroom cabinets. They take a shorter time to use and are less messy. The one downside is that the gel still tastes horrible. Maybe if they could develop chocolate flavored gel more of us would have whiter teeth.

Toothpaste has changed a lot since the ammonia and urine era, and so have the kits. You no longer have to use a tooth whitening kit that contains harsh and disgusting ingredients just to get whiter teeth. The kits are safe if they are used properly and you follow the instructions. One of the key directions is to start with a clean mouth.

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